Metadata importation problem

i encounter some problems with metadata for one french tvshow (kaamelott)
I’m not able to have the right poster for each season. There is no problem wit episodes
Only season 3 have poster from tvdb. The other seasons have same posters from series folder.
I tried to override poster by adding season 1-poster.jpg, season 2-poster.jpg … specials-poster,jpg with no luck.
i followed this guide
Thanks for your help

my tvshow structure is

Season 1
Season 2
Season 3
Season 4
Season 5
Season 6

It appears that you have been busy over at TVDB adding artwork!

Good job!! :slight_smile:

Since it’s only been around 6 hours when I checked it may take a while for the new art you added to be spread to all the servers. You will probably have to do an “Edit Metadata” on one of the episodes and select the correct series again to get the new artwork since Infuse caches that info and won’t check for new artwork until it’s refreshed.

Thank you
But why infuse didn’t override TVdb artwork with files i added on kaamelott directory ( season 1-poster.jpg etc…) ?
Yes i added some poster in Tvdb but they already exist but one come back on infuse ( not mine).
The poster i added are from tmdb where this show exist too with better artwork,
It’s an infuse problem, i used tinymediamanager to import artwork for this show from both tvdb and tmdb and all 2 are fine ( better in tmdb)

I did not see any artwork in the example you showed in your first post so I don’t know where you placed it or how it was named but with you adding the artwork to TVDB it should populate the new season artwork when you refresh it by doing an Edit Metadata as I described above.

Infuse doesn’t pull artwork for TV shows from TMDB only from TVdb.

The poster files are in the root of serie name directory under kamelott and at same level of season directory

Series/kaamelott/season 1-poster.jpg
Series/kaamelott/Season 1/Files
Series/kaamelott/season 2-poster.jpg
Series/kaamelott/Season 2/Files

i join a photo of how it look on infuse.
only one poster is present for season3 and it come from tvdb, others are not refresh

Have you done an Edit Metadata by long pressing on one of the episodes in a season that isn’t showing the correct season artwork and then re-selecting the correct series? That should refresh the artwork.

A lot of time
I erased metadata on infuse, restart infuse, appleTV. i duplicate the directory and remove all files other than mkv (nfo jpg etc…) i have other tvshow but only this one make me crazy

I think I may have found a clue. The one poster you have that shows for season three is labeled as English when you do a get info on TVDB. The other seasons don’t appear to have have an English poster available and would then just show the generic series poster.

What language do you have selected for Metadata in the Infuse settings? If it’s set to Auto, try setting it to French.

Metadata language was on auto
I tried French and nothing different
I tried English season 3 stayed the same but the others had a different poster black with a white big K only with French it’s black with white kaamelott

Are you browsing through the Library or via folder/favorites?

TV series artwork overriding is only available when browsing via the Library.

Also, if you’re using a UPnP, DLNA, or Plex connections Infuse won’t be able to see the image files, and won’t be able to display your custom artwork.

Hello thanks for your help too

Twice even in the library series artwork override is not available. They look the same. Sorry to say but the metadata 101 help is not clear on this. from this help poster artwork override is available for episode season all season and only in library for Series

Episode poster
seriesname/season 1/episodefilename.jpg

Season poster
seriesname/season 1-poster.jpg

All Seasons poster

Series poster (available only while using Library)

Series fanart

There’s is on other link who explain how to override library but this works only in library and for me it’s working only in list view in normal view nothing is override :

Folder Cover Art
To display an image for a particular folder place an image with the same name alongside the folder OR place an image named folder.jpg inside the folder.

I’m only using samba with infuse . I have AFP anable for my Mac. Upnp and and Dlna are disabled on my both NAS
If I fetch information from other scrappers for this tvshow from tvdb I have all good artwork without any touch
I tried this morning on MrMc on appleTV . I join the photo of what I get from thetvdb , all is good.
I have the same problem with infuse on my iPad pro

I have a library with 1000 movies mixed iso mkv etc… and no problem with infuse and metadata and just 19 tvshow and only this one give me a headache :wink:


Can you post a screenshot of the folder structure showing how you have these images named/organized?

Also, if the images were added after Infuse scanned these shows, you will need to use the Edit option on one of the episodes, reselect the correct series name, and the metadata/artwork will be updated.

I joined a screenshot of the folder structure
Since I uploaded some new poster to the tvdb it’s a little better, but season 3 is still using English poster,infuse metadata is set to auto same thing appear if I set it to French ( infuse is in French)
None of season poster are override by posters jpg on folders .
I never was able to have a good poster specials
Series poster is different on iPhone ( it’s the good one). As there is no poster for specials series poster is used.
If I sync metadata with my iphone I can have good series poster with infuse iCloud sync

Actually I’m not far from the goal . Specials poster is missing and season 3 is not the good one

I didnt update or touch something on the tvshow folders and today all is gone on infuse

I have recently noticed a similar problem, I have added series called Cosmos.Possible.Worlds to my hard drive. The files are named Cosmos.Possible.Worlds.S01E02 etc.
Infuse on my Apple. TV4k does not find the metadata and displays the files as 12 files. When I use the. manual edit. to fix this the title of the documentary comes up in the list but has no change on the files. Normally they move into one, with the correct metadata. Infuse Pro 6.3.5 (3026),
Many other series added in the past are displaying correctly.

Thank you.
Edit.I found that this subject has been answered in March.
Rename the files S02E01 etc and in edit metadata point at Cosmos 2014.
Here are a few pages of discussions about it .




What is supose to write on the nfo file?

/Movies/Pulp Fiction

Pulp Fiction (1994).mkv
Pulp Fiction (1994).srt
Pulp Fiction (1994).jpg
Pulp Fiction-fanart.jpg
Pulp Fiction.nfo

nfo is the same as xml?

Its possible for Tv Series to? Its possible to create a xml on TV series like in the movies?

If yes on we write Series/shows/tvshows?

Many Thanks