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There must be something that I’m not getting in regards to metadata iCloud syncing. I’m running Infuse 6 Pro on a number of ATVs 4K which are all logged on with the same Apple ID / iCloud accounts.

A few while back, my movies started losing their correct posters on all ATVs and showed a random still from each movie instead. This turned out to be a known issue which was caused by moviedb modifying their data structure.

I deleted all metadata from Infuse Pro on one of my ATVs and sure enough, an hour later, everything was rescanned with the correct posters. However, these changes did not propagate to the other ATVs, even though I restarted Infuse and hit the rescan button on the Infuse home page. I had to go through the same process of deleting the metadata and rescan yet again for the other ATV to get the new posters.

Shouldn’t the changes in the collection be automatically propagated to all Infuse Pro clients linked to the same Apple ID / iCloud / Trakt account? What am I missing?

Sorry for the confusion.

Using the Clear All Metadata option on one device will in fact refetch metadata from TMDb/TheTVDB and push it to iCloud.

However, even though this data is in iCloud, it will not be forced to other devices to replace the cached info they already have. To do this, you can simply remove and re-install the app from these devices and the latest info will be pulled down from iCloud. You could also use the Clear All Metadata option on these other devices, though this will rescan everything which will be a slower process.

If you are making corrections to single videos using the Edit option, those will be pushed to other devices without having to do anything else.

Thank you James; this explains it!

In my use case, so many posters were affected that it was ultimately quicker and easier to just clear all metadata from all my devices, but nice to know what exactly this option does and the difference in sync behavior between editing a single item and clearing all meta. Thanks again!

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I understand that you guys are working on this issue, so I’ll patiently await a resolution.

Without wanting to start yet another thread on this, I just wanted to add that in my case, even deleting all metadata on my devices, allowing it to be redownloaded, then manually editing it still results in random changes or total lack of artwork.

For example:

Devices: Apple TV 4K, iPhone X, both on latest TVOS iOS, iCloud sync is on, infuse Pro 6.4 (3052)

I’ve cleared the metadata on both devices, and force restarted the apps.

I’ve manually edited my Granada Jeremy Brett Sherlock Holmes Blu-ray (1984-1990) set to select the right option for its metadata. This results in the correct image on the main TV show page:

However, when I click it to go to the Seasons screen, the box art is a mix of the Blu-ray and DVD sets:0

Even more bizarrely, if I go back a screen and click the Sherlock Holmes set less than a minute later without changing anything, it now shows a completely different set of artwork.

This is happening across both the Apple TV and iPhone - whether manually edited or not, the artwork for a large number of movies and TV shows keeps switching between various versions of the poster art, a blank, or a thumbnail from the movie itself.

Again, simply provided as additional feedback. If you need more details, let me know.


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