Metadata Help

Need a little help. Most of my files have been fine as I edit them with Subler. However, some of my files I tried to convert with Subler after Infuse used them. I changed the metadata with Subler and it all looks great there, but Infuse keeps the old metadata.

Any ideas on how to fix that?

Infuse will cache metadata for files upon initially scanning them, though you can trigger Infuse to refresh the info for a particular file by using the Edit option.

More info on this an other metadata related tidbits can be found here.

Unfortunately that’s not what’s happening. I go to edit the file metadata, then I come back and nothing’s changed. The data in Subler is correct even when I open up the files a second time. This file is not in the database that Infuse uses for metadata (it’s a small group Bible study video). Any ideas?

One other thing to look at is to ensure the ‘Embedded Metadata’ option is enabled in Infuse.

That was it! Thanks!