Metadata help please (AppleTV4)

Hey all … need some help here please!
I have all seasons of Hells Kitchen on my media server, and my Infuse on AppleTV4 loads and sorts all 14 seasons properly, except for season 11!!
All season files have been properly identified Example:


All my seasons are identified the same way. But, for some reason, Season 11 is the only season not to be properly identified by Infuse … Any thoughts?
I have tried:
Changing the file name:
and many other variations.
I have also tried doing a manual metadata using:
and this too does not work.
The file folder is in:
E:\TV Shows\Hells Kitchen Season 11
I have added:
Hells Kitchen Season 11.jpg
to both the “TV Shows” folder AND the “Hells Kitchen Season 11” folder!
I have re encoded all the files from DVD, I have recreated the folder . … argh!!!
I’ve been at it for a week now … and nothing to show for it!
Can someone PLEASE help!!!

Is this a season that was recently added to your library (like in the past week)?

TheTVDb has been experiencing some downtime over the past few days, which may be the reason you’re running into trouble.

Actually, its been in my library for a long time … but … new developments over here … I have 2 AppleTV4 … the season lists properly on the second AppleTV …

And so, I have reset the metadata, and did a fresh scan of my media, and again, it doesn’t work … 343 seasons of all kinds of TV shows, and this is the only one that doesn’t appear properly … I am sooo at a loss!!
Any other thoughts?

Are you connecting via the same method (SMB, NFS, UPnP, etc…) on both devices? Have you tried using the Edit option in Infuse? If so, what do you see listed there?

I just tried ‘Hells.Kitchen.US.S11E01.mp4’ here, and Infuse pulled down the correct info straight away.