Metadata header usage

I’m trying to add my home movies into infuse. They are in a favourites folder and not included in library. I want to go to the favourites folder and see them there as movies.
My .nfo files show title, but didn’t show description but when I changed description to plot, it shows.
What I’m looking for is the metadata headers infuse would use to make my home movies look like regular movies so I can cut down on the trial and error attempts.
If this is on your site, could you point me there.

You can find sample files here to help do what you are trying to do.

I gave up on using .nfo files and instead trying the embedded metadata.
I have a favourites folder called Westerns. The TV movie called the Sacketts was in two parts and I merged them into one. The tmdb shows it as season 1 episode1 and 2.
I used Metax to embed the metadata into the file. I changed it from tv to movie, genre western, added plot and actors.
I go to my westerns folder and it is there, BUT, not everything. It is at the end of the list not under “s” for Sacketts. It shows genre as western, but under category western, it does not appear.
The description is there, good. Since this works, I made changes and refreshed and the changes appeared.
The actors are not listed. If I search under Tom Selleck, the Sacketts do not appear.
I used media info to check file and all info is there.
Is what I’m trying to do not an option in infuse (current on appletv 4K 2021)?