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I have a weird issue with my Season 4 of Grimm. Infuse classified all the other seasons correctly except Season 4 which are now under other. I tried to edit/search the metadata but it doesn‘t show me the correct Grimm 2011 show under search results. I actually get totally different results compared to searching the show from a correct classified grimm show under tv shows. Are the files in other use a different online database when searching or what is the issue?



Can you provide a sample of one of the season 4 file names?

Also maybe a sample of one of the others seasons that’s working correctly?

Here we go I attached screenshots from a Season 4 name and Season 5 where it works


You’re going to get much more consistently good results if you stick with the Grimm S04E07 hdtv-lol.ext over the grimm 407 version.

With just a number behind the name Infuse is more likely to limit the search to movies instead of when you have the S0xE0x that tells it that there is a season and episode so look in the tv database. That’s why your season 5 episodes will show the right choice when editing metadata.

Awesome that worked thx but it would be cool to have a feature to chose in which metadata db I want to search like TV or Movies, doesn‘t matter what the filename says.

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