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I added Star Trek Picard to my library, and the episodes were showing up as Deep Space Nine (which is also in my library). Using Folder view, I navigated to the Picard folder and set as Local metadata. This worked, but of course now only shows file names and no info or art. The next steps are where it got weird.

  1. I selected the first episode of Picard, and manually searched for it’s online Show metadata. I applied this to that one episode, and then set the entire Picard folder back to online metadata. This worked! All episodes populated the correct Picard data! Sadly… now the Deep Space Nine folder was showing all episodes as Picard episodes. (yes all 7 seasons worth).
  2. I then set the DS9 folder to local metadata to clear it out. Then set DS9 folder back to online metadata. This worked! All DS9 episodes were back to correct metadata, but… now the Picard episodes are all showing up as DS9 again. Seeing a pattern here.
  3. I selected the Picard folder, set to local, exited, and it was cleared. Came back, set Picard to Online metadata, and it simply turns back into DS9 metadata every time. I even removed the Picard folder from my share entirely, restarted the app, and re-added the folder… Picard seems to always get listed as DS9 unless I use local metadata - or use the process in step one exactly - which then messes up the DS9 folder for some reason.

I’m at a loss. Here’s a video screen capture of what’s currently happening.

Any thoughts on an easy fix rather than inputting manual metadata?

How do you name your folders and files? I have mine named and ordered as follows and I have no problems.

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As @Frankje said, names and folder structure are usually the problem.

If you provide an example of how you have each series episode files labeled we can help get it worked out.

Don’t turn on local for anything you don’t want to provide local metadata for.

For Star Trek Picard you’ll want to name your files like this.

“Star Trek Picard S0xE0x.mkv” where the “S0x” is the season number and the “E0x” is the episode number.

I prefer the file names to have the series name AND season with episode. This makes searching far easier on the server and also for me has been more accurate in getting the metadata.

Here’s the users guide for structure and how to name files.

Thanks for the reminder about organization. I have some shows organized into season subfolders, and some shows with every episode in the main show folder. In both cases, I have never had issues until I added the Picard eps today. I’ll try adding season folders and see if that makes a difference.

Thanks for the tip. This is what was so perplexing. The Picard files were all named with the show name and episode number, but were getting changed to DS9s metadata. Interestingly, many of my other shows are only named at the folder level, with all files being simply S0xE0x. Hmmm.

I’ll try to play around with this. Maybe it’s the inconsistency between different shows’ folder/name layouts. Just weird that introducing a fully named set of files became the catalyst for the problem.

I’ve seen a few times where when people didn’t have the series name (only the S0xE0X) it would get confused with other shows. I don’t know exactly what the underlying cause was but I know that with all episodes of all series having the series name as part of the file name and all in season folders I’ve not run across this.

A side note, if you maintain your library with a Mac it’s real easy to batch rename files under the File > Rename function. That’s saved my bacon a few times. :wink:

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And my time saver is a freeware program called Filebot that basically gets metadata from a site and renames all files.

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That sounds like an incredible potential feature for Infuse (if the user wants to enable file read/write).

This was the solution. I used an old free app that I had call ManageNameExt (LINK), which made short work of renaming MANY HUNDREDS of items across all these related shows. I now have all the Trek shows in season subfolders, with files named with full show title followed by S00E00 and the ep title. This seems to have fixed the strange behaviour.

I imagine it was all due to the series’ similar names, but if it crops up again, I will know to use this more rigid naming & structure.

NC_Bullseye, have you figured out a best practice for extras / featurettes? I’m putting them in an extras subfolder for each show, but the files are simple MKV rips, with no metadata, so it’s just a folder of enumerated files. Ugly and like playing extras roulette when watching.

If you’re talking about special episodes of a tv show these are handled with a season of “S00Exx” format. you can find the correct episode number for these on TMDB. For example using the Star Trek Picard series.

If you’re talking about featurettes for movies you can add your support to this suggestion thread by liking the first post in the thread.

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