Metadata from Tvdb not showing up on metadata search results!

Hi I use an ipad pro Infuse 6 with subscription.
I tried to search for a titile inside metadata search for a japanese drama and anime nothing came up
Tvdb wesite itself is accessible but the infuse app doesnt show up the titles even when i try the edit metadata feature.
BUT it works on a friends iphone x! He can search titiles and gets the metadata for the same while i cannt on my ipad pro!
I need a fix please!

This is true for me as well i tried to search for a titile inside metadata search for a japanese drama and anime nothing came up
Tvdb is working but the infuse app doesnt show up the titles!
Guys we need a fix immediately!

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Could you please provide the file names you’re using for the problem videos?

No sense in having the same problem in two different posts. I moved them all to this one.

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i have tried like alot of dramas and anime which fetch with no issues on ios app infuse but not on ipad os
One example
Ryusei no kizuna (2009) ep1 .mp4

The main issue is not naming but the metadata search itself
The same title when searched on tvdb website and infuse 6 ios app is found but infuse on my ipad fails to give me the same results.
Also tvdb is not blocked in my country and also i feel like only tvdb has issue and not the moviedb since some dramas and anime do get metsmadata and not all.

First, Infuse will use the format of the file name to determine which database to search for the metadata if you have it misnamed it will not search the correct one.

Your example

Is named in the format of a movie. You have the year after the series name (which also appears to be incorrect, it should be 2008, not 2009) and only the “ep1” that doesn’t provide season information.

If you rename the file to be “Ryusei no kizuna S01E01.mp4” it should pull all of the metadata automatically.

The Infuse Users Guide for metadata gives details on naming and how it works

For TV series I’ve found the following format to be about the most reliable to pull the correct info without having to edit.

Ok ill try it and let you know

Ok the renaming works
But what is the format to rename for dvd iso files?

If you’re referring to having multiple episodes of a series in an iso file Infuse doesn’t currently support that. You can add your support to a suggestion thread requesting this feature by liking the first post in this thread.

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