Metadata found but not updating library items

I have files from the How It’s Made TV series in the following format and Infuse 6 Pro is not correctly setting the metadata or thumbnails even when I manually edit the metadata and search for / choose How It’s Made form the results.


The filename looks fine to me based on the Metadata 101 document and the fact that the metadata search is giving it as the only suggestion makes me think it’s parsing it correctly.

Even when trimming it down to simply How-It’s-Made-S02E01.avi I get the same results. It recognizes it as the right show but it will not pull thumbnails or other metadata.

TVDB seems to have the right info too.

Screenshots attached.

Thoughts? Suggestions?

Is this on iOS or tvOS? Also, did you select the one correct suggestion and let it reload it?

Both iOS & tvOS. Yes on select + reload, multiple times. Even tried force refresh (pull down on iOS and equivalent on tvOS) and app restarts.

Since it isn’t updating metadata properly it remains in the Other category and is not being moved to the TV section.

I just tested “How-It’s-Made-S02E01.avi” and it pulled all the correct metadata including artwork all by itself with no editing so first thing you may want to do is change the file names to the How-It’s-Made-S02E01.avi format and get rid of all of the semicolons, apostrophes, and extraneous characters in the name even to the point of using “How Its Made S02E01.avi”.

You may have to remove the series folder from the scanned share and let it re-scan without it there first and after a complete scan replace the series folder and see if it will then pull the correct metadata with the new naming format.

As per the original post I already tried with the simplified file name and it didn’t work which is strange if it worked for you. I’ll try some of the other steps when I can.

That’s why I said to start with the name change and THEN do the moving out, rescanning and moving it back in.

That is what has worked in the past but just trying pieces of that often doesn’t help. Then you have to do the whole thing again later anyway.

If you have a small library you can also just go into settings AFTER changing the file names and do a clear metadata. That should work also.

Moving individual files out, refreshing, and moving them back for testing didn’t work. But renaming the entire folder (example Season-2-fixed) and refreshing worked. See after-folder-rename.jpeg

Infuse is holding onto something related to the folder name itself. If I rename the “…-fixed” folder back to it’s original name (Season-2) and refresh it will forget all the metadata and thumbnails and split them back out as individual files. See After-rename-to-original.jpeg

Same “fix” works if I rename the parent folder of the season folders to something else. So it may be an overall path issue.

So I can “fix” it by breaking my naming scheme for no apparent reason, which isn’t ideal.

You could have just moved the entire series folder out, done the file and folder rename and been done with it but as long as you got it working it’s all good.

I was just trying to save ya a step or two. Sometimes certain characters throw it off. While semicolons and commas, and apostrophes may work sometimes it’s often better without.

I like getting to the root of the issue as much as I can, hence trying renamed and moves at different levels of the hierarchy. If it were just at the file level I’d know to adjust my rules at that level in the tool that renames the media. Same deal with folder.

Punctuation or other characters could definitely make a difference but the workaround being changing either the Season folder or the Show folder name when neither had special characters makes me suspect a bug in the software. Maybe some weird cache thing related to the exact original path, who knows. Oh well.

Hi all,

Sorry if i am hijacking this thread, but my issue is similar.

I have been using infuse for a couple of years now. So when i initially loaded series, it found the correct metadata which was assigned to that season. (Say season 1 of a show…). However, now season 2 or 3 is out. So i refresh the metadata (edit, refresh) and it gives me that latest season poster for that show. But when i go into that show’s folder (on infuse), it still shows the poster from season 1 (even though there is no longer any season 1 files).

So (if i am making sense), i am asking how to edit the metadata of the poster inside the show folder, to match the front poster for series which only has 1 season.
I really apologise if this is confusing…

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