Metadata for TV shows


All of my tv shows are ripped from box sets and stored in \tv shows\show\season 1\show season 1 disc 1\video ts\ folder structure. This doesn’t fetch any metadata. It there better way to name/organise these folders?



I use

TV\Show\Series 1\S01E01 - Episode Name.avi

And that picks up the metadata, not sure if that helps you at all, not sure how it works with DVD Rips

Thanks Dempsey but as these are DVD rips each disc has multiple episodes.
I’ve tried naming them
But the best I can get it to do is pick up the first episode on the disc…

The crazy thing is… About five versions ago (I think) it was working to a certain extent… It was showing the same info and art for each disc within a season… But that was ok I guess. I was hoping for an improvement over time but it has instead got worse (some metadata to no metadata!!) I really don’t want to spend ages writing XML files and hunting for artwork but I am certainly not going to re-rip the DVD as individual episodes as this will take weeks.

It’s such shame, because this is such good program otherwise.

Shame that one reply from a non staff member is all I got in a week. Would have been nice to get even a “we’ll look into it” or even “better start on those xmls, as we’re going to address this.”

I can’t be the only one with this issue surely?

The folder structure is irrelevant. They are only keying off the name of the show then an episode number.
So consider the following for the file name:
South park.101.cartman gets an anal probe.vbs
I have found it only pays attention to starting title and the episode in the above example. There is a quick reference guide at the following link.

Thanks but as stated these are DVD rips with multiple episodes per disc.

I can get it to recognise 1 episode (as if the disc only has one episode on it). That isn’t what I want. I’d be happy if it just gave each disc some general season metadata like it used to do for some.

I’ve given up and started on doing my own metadata.

It’s taken me 3 hours to do the covers and a quarter of the XML files.

With brings up some questions of their own.

  1. Can fanart be added manually?
  2. Can fanart/backdrops be added to normal folders? It would be ace for the show and season folders to have a nice background ( not talking about folder.jpg files)
  3. Can the description be formatted in any way? (a carriage return/line feed/br at least would be very useful)