Metadata for TV Shows

I just noticed, if there is no Episode Image at the time you load metadata, Media Player pulls in a Poster for the show. I like this better as the Poster fits the recently watched window. Is there any way Media Player can pull in a Poster all the time?




i don’t see anything regarding the metadata of tv-shows… no images or descriptions! movies metadata are delivered without any problems.

is there any problem with the filenames or something complete different?

filename example: Simpsons/Season 1/Simpsons S01E01.avi


TV Show Metadata was added in Media Player .9 your file name looks okay, so check to see what version of Media Player you are running.


already got the newest version… BUT: no metadata :frowning:

By default MP will download Movie metadata, so you will need tag your folders that contain TV Shows as TV Show folders.

Details on folder tagging can be found here:

is there a way to tag a “favorite” folder as tv show or movie? Id hate to have to go through every one of my tv show folders if there is already an easy way to do it. 


edit: nevermind, i had to dig deeper into the folder structure in “remote” under “my files”

Right, you will need to tag the actual folder (via My Files) instead of the Favorite (shortcut).

A folder’s tag will also apply to all files/folders contained inside that folder, unless you specifically mark one of the subfolders with a different tag.

@james: thanks a lot… the metatags do show up now!

one more question: why is there only a still-frame from the current episode? would it also be possible to see some kind of poster-art or the dvd’s cover-art?


thanks in advance!!!

We’re planning to integrate the series cover art into a few different views for TV Shows in an upcoming version.

like that!

To get a picture/poster for my tv shows i have to put an folder.jpg into each folder is that right ?