Metadata for TV shows pilot episodes


I am new to the app and so far I am loving it. I really like the user Interface.

What I haven’t see so far is a search function in the Forum, therefore I’m probably asking a question which might have been discussed before.
I was able to name my TV Show episodes in a way that infuse is getting the right metadata and is showing them in a nice way.
What I failed so far is to get the metadata for the Pilot Episode.
The TV Show I am facing this issue is ‘Charlie’s Angels’. I was thinking that the Pilot Episode is marked S01 E01 but it doesn’t. The metadata I get is
for the ‘second’ Episode. Are ther specific naming conventions for Pilot episodes that they can be detected correctly?
I was trying a Manual assingment but wasn’t successful with the TV Shows (with the movies Manual assignment wasn’t a Problem)

Any Suggestion?



For that particular series, the Pilot is actually listed as a Special ( and for specials, you will want to use a season number of 00.



Me too. I cannot get metadata for the good wife. Not even manually. But when I search on a show that already is a tv series. It’s does find it in the search. Does it look at different lists for tv shows.? And does it now think my good wife files are movies?