Metadata for TV SHOWS not downloading


For the past few days I am having a problem of metadata not loading for TV SHOWS I add to my collection from NAS. When I try updating the metadata manually, I get a ‘Network Error’ message.

This problem is occurring only for TV shows and NOT for movie Content.

My internet connection is perfectly fine. I can reach
The problem is occurring on ATV.

All TV content get into OTHERS.

How can I fix it ?


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What country are you in? TheTVDb recently became blocked in China, and we’re looking into possible solutions.

I have the same issue and I’m in the US. I just updated Infuse to latest version and made some changes to my PLEX server and moved some files around using the same folders as previously used. I tried doing a sync two or three times and rebooted the ATV4K device but the TV Shows do not show up, just the movies do. I even removed my shares and re added them to see if this might help. Might this be a problem with the PLEX server or Infuse? PLEX recognizes both Movies and TV Shows when I’m using that app so I don’t know what to try next?