Metadata for TV shop season poster


I understandt that Infuse gets its tv metadata from
But what season poster is Infuse using?

An exampel is Game of Thrones.
Season 7 gets this pic:
Season 8 gets this pic:
Season 9 gets this pic: (that is not even a season poster, but a serie poster)

Are you by chance connected via DLNA? If not, could you provide a sample of how you have your files named for seasons 7 & 8?

There is no data available yet on thetvdb for season 9 so I’m guessing the default is a generic series poster. Do you know a secret about a season 9? :wink:

Have you tried editing the metadata in both season 7 and 8 to see if the refresh pulls new artwork?


Yes, my mistake. Season 9 we can only hope for ?

I don’t use DLNA. The structure of the files are like …\Game of Thrones\Season 01\ Game of Thrones S01E01.mkv

But I think I have answered my own question.

This is the pics I got for every season:

Season 1 gets this pic:
Season 2 gets this pic:
Season 3 gets this pic:
Season 4 gets this pic:
Season 5 gets this pic:
Season 6 gets this pic:
Season 7 gets this pic:
Season 8 gets this pic:

It looks like Infuse is using the filename to choose the pic. Like this:
“Show ID”-”Season number”.jpg like 121361-2.jpg
If that file is not there it just takes the file called “Show ID”-”Season number”-X.jpg it just takes the first file (see attached pic) with that name.
If there is no season file it just takes a show poster.

It would be nice if there was a better way to choose the poster you want. It also looks like new posters that are uploaded to does not follow the old filename structure. The 3 season posters for Season 8 are here (see attached pic):

So in the future Infuse will not get the right season posters unless Infuse change something in the way they look for season posters.

Thetvdb selects the season poster by the language you have selected and if there are more than one in that language it will then choose the highest rated so it helps if you join the site and then you can up vote your preferred posters.

Are you saying you see season 7 posters for season 8 still?

Infuse has all of the correct season posters for me.

Hi. No the season 7 is ok it’s just ugly :).
Season 8 is not ok it’s not a season poster.
I have attached a pic from iOS, but it’s the same posters on atv.
Normally I use Danish metadata. I just tried to switch to English and rescanned for the show and it’s the same result. I’m not getting the highest rated season posters for season 7 and 8.

That’s strange, I’m getting the series poster too for season 8. For 7 I’m getting one that goes with the first 6 and they wouldn’t be my first choice but hey, I don’t really care too much about the posters as long as the show is good. LOL

I wonder how much of this issue is behind the scenes at thetvdb with a moderator and how the pics are assigned. Oh well, it may clear itself up.