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Hey all-

Recently switched from a Kodi box to an Apple TV 4K. I’m new to Infuse and liking it very much so far.

I’m now doing the metadata dance and Infuse is generally great. Though I’ve got a question about how to get “Star Wars: Clone Wars” (2003) recognized correctly. This is a short-lived TV show by the creator, and in the style- of Samurai Jack.

I’ve got two files from the DVD release currently named:

  • Star Wars Clone Wars Vol 1 (2003).mkv
  • Star Wars Clone Wars Vol 2 (2003).mkv

which Infuse puts in the “Other” section with no metadata.
I’ve tried:

  1. Adding {tmdb-3122} to the filename and they’re recognized as “Lady Frankenstein (1971)”, a movie with the same TMDB-ID.
  2. Adding {imdb-tt0361243} to the filename and they aren’t recognized at all. It has the same result as having no ID in the filename.
  3. I created an .nfo file per the sample at the bottom of the page
    Overriding Artwork and Metadata – Firecore Support
    This successfully populated the title and actor fields in Infuse, but the plot summary was blank. (Although it was copy/pasted from TMDB into the .nfo. I suspect there are limitations on the types of characters allowed in the XML format of the .nfo.)
    Regardless, adding the TMDB-ID and IMDB-ID to the .nfo file did not allow Infuse to correctly identify the videos (which I wouldn’t really expect, given the .nfo is intended to override Infuse’s metadata.)

I think this issue relates to a couple different problems I’ve read about here on the forum:

  1. Multiple TV episodes in a single video.
  2. Directing Infuse to query TMDB’s TV metadata vs. movie metadata.

Can someone point me to a fix or a good workaround to get metadata for Star Wars: Clone Wars?

-Thanks much

What seasons / episodes are in each of the files?


To further complicate things, Season 1 & 2 were released on DVD #1

  • Star Wars Clone Wars Vol 1 (2003).mkv

And Season 3 was released on DVD #2

  • Star Wars Clone Wars Vol 2 (2003).mkv


If you could rip the episodes to separate files then Infuse would work best.

If you insist on keeping them in a single file, then the best you could do is to label them something like …

Star Wars The Clone Wars S01E01-S02E10.mkv
Star Wars The Clone Wars S03E01-E05.mkv

Having SxxExx in the filenames makes Infuse treat them as TV shows rather than films.

Unfortunately Infuse doesn’t have support for correct handling of multiple episodes in a single file.

Someone has already replied to you regarding how to specify metadata. I can’t assist with the metadata directly, but I do know there’s a way to change the poster image, which may be helpful.

There is actually a method to manually set a poster image for a specific movie. First, create a new folder for the movie and place the movie file inside it. Then, add a file named ‘poster.jpg’ to this folder. The image in this folder will then be used as the poster for that specific movie in Infuse.

Same to TV series.

The original series was aired in short episodes. The aggregated volumes are however documented as specials on tmdb, so renaming them to Star Wars - Clone Wars (2003).S00.E01 and S00.E02 will work, that’s how I have them recognised correctly.

This will work. :wink:


This is exactly the solution.

(I think this odd-format little series was missing from my Kodi install for the last decade.)

Thanks again everyone.

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