Metadata For South Park

So, really weird. For some reason Seasons 13 through 17 can’t find their metadata. All other seasons work fine, but not those four.

I went in and renamed the files to both of the following, with no success.

South Park S13E01

Neither has had an impact. I attempted to search for the name of one of the episodes (like Let Go Let Gov) and it wasn’t able to be found either. I’ve not had issues with any other shows (at least none this obvious).

Thank you for your help

Have you tried the edit metadata function by long pressing on one of the show episodes not working? I have both naming convictions for those seasons and both have found the metadata correctly for me.

One other thing, does it by any chance say “Local Metadata” on the top right side when you open a season?

I think it might be a temporary bug. I just went in and reset all my metadata (really wish I hadn’t tried that, will take a lot of work to get everything else fixed right!).

It pulled up all the metadata except for those four seasons again. When I try to update the metadata for an individual file…and search for South Park S14 (for example) nothing shows up. Or South Park 14

The file name convention (as I said, I’ve got two different ones in different directories) are found in other seasons and are pulled fine…this is so weird!

Oh yeah, and can’t find the word “Local Metadata” anywhere.

You bring up another odd thing…For movies, like the Star Trek’s…if I push and hold it’ll ask me whether to use local metadata or Online…when I click on these files I don’t get that option. I only get the option to input it myself and search…

The search is what you want to do. Find the listing for South Park and select it. Once you do it on one the others should change too.

Yeah. Did that. To see what happened. It re-searched for the whole folder set but once again came up empty for season 14-17

You have to do that on a single episode not the folder.

Do the long press on one of the episodes in the missing seasons like s15e01 and select “edit metadata” then when searching from that screen select South Park in the results.

It should find the metadata for that episode.

Apologies for not being clear. That is what I did. Picked an episode that wasn’t updating and did what you describe, to no avail. It updated everything in the directory, but still couldn’t find 14-17

I still think we may be talking about different things. When you open the South Park Season 15 folder and then long click on south park S15E01 you should get three choices, “Mark as Watched”, “Edit Metadata”, and “Cancel”.

When you click on “Edit Metadata” it should show the search box at the top, then the actual file name just below that and then below that either a “Nothing Found” “No matches found for this file.”


Just below the actual file name there is a list of possible matches. For me it shows

“South Park Aug 1, 1997”

If I click on the “South Park Aug 1, 1997”

I get the little spinning wheel and then it goes back to the season 15 folder and shows the episodes with their names as well as the season 15 artwork for the episode.

Is this happening?

Fairly sure we’re talking the same thing =)

I click on a file, say S14E01, Edit Metadata, shows South Park Aug 1, 1997. I click on that, get the wheel, shows all the files again, resets the metadata for all 250+ episodes…all the episodes from 1-13 and then 18-22 show up as folders / seasons. But all the rest, show as files without the new metadata.

This is really strange. How are your season folders named? Sometimes things like a double space where there is usually only one or a hidden control character in the file name or folder name can cause issues.

Are these season folders for 14, 15 ,16, and 17 all located on the same disk and in the same directory as the rest?

When you state “can’t find metadata” what do you actually mean?

Is it when you select an episode it has no description, etc, or do you mean something else?

Or is it that its’s season folder is not displaying like the others seasons? That can be caused by have additional files/folders in the season folder that Infuse does not recognise and then treats it as a normal folder rather than a season folder. Maybe you extra “Special" episodes that are not actually part of the season in those directories?

Do the episodes show up correctly in the Library under TV Shows or are they in Other?


Folder names are all the same as they are for all the other folders, all in the same subdirectory, etc. There is literally zero difference between Season 13 (working) and Season 14. I have tried multiple naming conventions for the files (keeping them always the same for a whole folder). No hidden spaces, or control characters. They are MKVs like the files in all the working ones. Best I can tell this started with the last update. I don’t remember this being a problem a week or two ago.

I have tried: Rebooting the AppleTV, clearing the metadata cache, turning off embedded metadata, uninstalling Infuse.

@remotevisitor: When you select an episode it shows you just the file name. If I purposefully screw up the naming convention of a file (or add a “bad” file) it shows a directory (Season 14) with no picture, but then all the files for that directory are there. If all the files are named correctly, it shows all the files found in subdirectories, in the main directory as individual files, but files that it just can’t recognize. I don’t use the library feature, I’m pretty particular about my organizational structure, so I have a series of favorites and different sub-directories there. Keep in mind, it’s working across the board for other things…I haven’t gone in to check every piece of media, but it seems to be localized / centralized in these specific seasons/files.

Do you have the “Embedded Metadata” setting enabled? Just wondering if the files with the problem seasons have corrupt embedded metadata?