Metadata for some TV Shows not showing

Updated to 4.3 recently and for some reason the metadata for some of my TV Shows is not updating and just showing the grey folder.

Once I go into the folder it updates for some but others it remains the same.

Is there a way to manually fetch metadata for TV Shows? When I go to ‘Edit’, it shows some random titles that aren’t even close to the name of the folder and if I try type it in, it shows as ‘Nothing Found’. The shows are definately on TVdb.

Can you give an example of the folder & filename of a TV series/episode which exhibits this problem?

My initial suspicion is that the problem files for some reason are not being recognised as a TV series so it is attempting to look up the metadata as if they were films.

One of the shows is The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.

Got the files arranged as suggested in the guides.

/The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

Season 1

Files are named The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air - S01E01.avi and so on…

Dunno if it’s to do with the update but happened immediately after applying it

Using the name you supplied I also had problems. But when I removed the ‘-’ character from Bel-Air in the file name it correctly fetched the metadata, eg ‘The Fresh Price of BelAir - S01E01.avi’.

I have noticed that the use of ‘-’ in names sometimes appears to confuse the metadata lookup for TV series; even though the series name on does include the the ‘-’ character.

Do your other problem TV series also use ’-’ in their name?

Tried removing the ‘-’ but still doesn’t update for me.

The other shows are Modern Family, Eastbound & Down, too many to list but they haven’t all got a ‘-’ in them.

I haven’t changed anything in the way the shows were on my NAS, only did the recent update and it seems to have messed with something.

Is the hyphen still in the folder name? Might be causing it to funk out maybe.

Also have you tried using dots to separate all finlenames?

For example “The.Fresh.Prince.Of.BelAir.s01.e01” and so on… I find my results always work best in that format for everything.

There is currently a known issue with TV show titles that contain hyphens (X-Files, Hawaii Five-0, etc…).

We’re working on a better way to handle these, but in the meantime you can simply remove the hyphen from the filenames (or search for the title through Infuse’s Edit option). Once properly matched, the proper names (with hyphens) will be displayed in Infuse.

Managed it. Had to reset everything and then going through the ‘Edit’ option, the shows came up. They weren’t coming up before the reset for some reason.

Thanks for the help