Metadata For Smart Groups

I know how to change the artwork for both movies and tv shows via naming the image files, but what should I name a file to change the artwork for the smart group / collection?

The Smart Group will show the details from the first item in the group. You can override the details for that item, but it’s not possible to have different details for the group and the first item.

Not what Im trying to change, but thanks for the info. Im just trying to change the artwork of the collection from the default. So for a movie I just have to add “moviename-poster.png” to change movie artwork, but I dont know how to do this for collection artwork.

Currently you can’t change the artwork for collections but there are two suggestions threads running that you can add your support to by liking the first post in each.

To change the artwork for TMDB collections

And to change the artwork for custom collections

ok thanks, any idea on when this update may come out?

You can follow the features and fixes that are on the short list here

If you keep an eye on the tags on the threads that can also give you an idea on the progress of a suggestion.

Since both of these are tagged as “planned” I’d guess they may be included in some of the upcoming releases after 7.7