metadata for Nat Geo show???

i have some episodes of the National Geographic Explorer show.  im having a hard time having it recognized by mediaplayer.  my folder is set as TV shows.


in the site, the show is divided in years instead of seasons.  so ive tried naming the files as such:


National Geographic Explorer S2008E16 - Guns in America.avi

National_Geographic_Explorer_S2008E16 - Guns in America.avi

National_Geographic_Explorer.S2008E16 - Guns in America.avi

National Geographic Explorer S15E16 - Guns in America.avi  (ive counted the number of years and converted to season number)


it seems whatever i try the only thing that scrolls at the bottom of the show thumbnail is the episode number followed by “National Geographic Explorer”

So i have no titles and have no idea what the show is about until the show starts… any ideas???


running latest of everything.