metadata for music videos


what’s the best way to categorize music videos for Infuse? is it artist.nameDVD or is there a better way?

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Hi all, this is a plus one on this topic.

Is there a clean way of dealing with music videos? Someone must be doing this. :slight_smile:

Hello Dimitri and Lanval, i have music videos in a seperate folder on my NAS. The folder is named musicvideo and inside the folder i made a folder for each musicvideo. I gave the folder the name of the show. For example i have a DVD from Elvis and it’s called Definitive Elvis. So the folder is named Definitive Elvis and the file is named Elvis Presley - Definitive Elvis.m4v This way it seemed to give me what i want. A folder cover and the meta description. If you would be so kind to try and let me know if this is also working for you ?