Metadata for Foreign language movies


I just installed infuse Pro and did a scan. A bunch of movies were categorized as “Other”. Almost all of these were DVD rips and have the following folder structure.



I changed the folder name to match the imdb entry for the movie. Now, it is named as follows:

\MovieName (2001)
\MovieName (2001)\AUDIO_TS
\MovieName (2001)\VIDEO_TS

\MovieName (2001)\VIDEO_TS\VIDEO_TS.VOB

For some movies, it now picks up the metadata from IMDB. For others, it picks up an alternate language for the same movie. The two languages of the same movie have different tt number on IMDB. If the search showed both languages, I can select the correct one from Infuse. But, it shows only the wrong language version to select from. The only other option is to use local metadata and I don’t have a specific local file.

I placed a movie.nfo file (with tt number in the ID tag field) in both the main directory and inside the VIDEO_TS directory. I called it “movie.nfo”. I also tried “MovieName (2001).nfo”. But, none of these seem to pick up the right version from IMDB.

Please help!!


Welcome to the forum!

Infuse currently uses for movie metadata and artwork. Are you able to locate this movie there?

Also, if you are able to provide a few more details about the specific title it may help us track down a solution.


I’ll give you two examples here.

Mudhalvan (1999) - IMDb is the one I want the data picked up for (Tamil language). The movie title is Mudhalvan (1999)

Instead, it picks up the Telugu version of the same movie, “Oke Okkadu”. The cover art and everything is in Telugu.

I searched for “Mudhalvan” in and it returns the above URL and that is Telugu version. IMBD has the right version.

Example 2:

Searching for “Payanam (2011)” in IMDB returns this

Searching for the same movie in themoviedb returns 4 movies. The last one “Gaganam” is the Telugu version of the Tamil movie I’m looking for. The Telugu version has a separate entry in IMDB.


For now, I have created these movies in and they got pulled into infuse. But, would still like to know if there is a way to pull from imdb using a local xml or nfo file?