Metadata for folders?

Am I correct in saying that for aTV Flash, metadata only works for the individual episodes and not for the season folders? I previously used XBMC and it collects metadata which provides images for the season folders and the overall tv show folder. My folder setup is as follows: TV Shows>Show Name>Season 1 File nameing is: Show.Name.S01E01.avi

Hope that will be fixed soon and we have the scraping how XBMC it is doing it. I have also the problem with movies. So i don’t see the covers very nice in one view; for example

Movies > Drive.2011.720p               > drive.mkv
Movies > Melancholia.2011.720p       > Melancholia.mkv

TV Series > House > Season 7 > House.S07E01.mkv
  __________________________     House S07E02.mkv


And i don’t want to trow all my movie files with the .srt subtitle in one movie folder. And i think a lot people have above structure. So plz look into that :).

I havent read the whole forum yet but this is why I started reading here in the first place.

I still have some XViD rips on my Time Capsule which meens a CD1 and CD2 file. It would

look very bad to remove all my folders…


Would be perfect if the folder name was possible to use to get the Metadata instead of filename only.


The player is very good otherwise! Big Plus which makes XBMC unnecessary. The only thing I keep

XBMC is for the swedish online"play"plugins I´ve got…

I asked this in another topic as well. This is actually folder playback what we’re asking.

I hope to see this implemented soon, it’s a really crucial feature that I would miss.
As soon as this gets implemented I would buy the aTV Flash. 


I agree, i have all my movies in different folders and the movie poster is not automatically shows for the folder. 

Folder based playback is something we’re working to add, and hope to have it available soon.

when in the folder is a movie split in two or more files like xx_cd1.avi and xx_cd2.avi then the poster is not shown. Can that fixed in newer releases.


Any idea when?

This was added in version 1.3.

Ah, I feel a bit silly now, this is not what I meant.

The problem I have is that my folders containing tv shows mostly have a subfolder called “subtitles” or " subs" which causes the tv show to display as a folder not a movie.

Is there anyway to get media player to ignore these subtitle folders?

Unfortunately not in the current version.

However, the upcoming Library View will allow you to move away from a folder based view model, and just focus on content. With this you will be able to view the TV Shows/Movies only and not any irrelevant folders.

1 library view? - 2nd gen Apple TV - Firecore;