Metadata for Firefly

I figured someone should have run into this by now, but I can’t find it on the forums anywhere.

When scraping the metadata for the TV show Firefly, Media Player uses the TV airing order for the episodes instead of the DVD order, and there’s no way to change it. I realize I can override with my own xml files, but just thought I’d point this out. I’d imagine that most people who have Firefly in their collection would want the proper DVD order, because otherwise, what are you doing!?

i just came across the exact same issue… did you resolve this with xml files?

I haven’t bothered with XML files. I just switched for folder media type to None, so it turns the scraping off for that folder.

It’s not just Firefly. I would imagine that it’s any series in which the DVD order is different from the airing order, such as Seinfeld. I’m guesing that ATV Flash uses I noticed that their lists for show order (at least for some that I’ve taken the time to review) can be flipped between airing order and DVD order. Maybe an update would allow us to decide which to scrape from if that’s possible.

I couldn’t get an XML file to work anyway. It seems once metadata has been retrieved that it defaults to that rather than the XML. Same goes with folder.jpg, once one has been set if I change the image it still references the old image. Don’t really want to clear all metadata.