Metadata for few TV Shows is not present. Please add them

These are few of the TV SHOWS that are completely missing . there is not metadata on it.
TV Shows are-

1- Ghost Adventures - Demon House. (full season)
2- Ghost Adventures - Horror at Joe Exotic.
3- Ghost Adventures - Devil’s Den. ( their special episode)
4- Ghost Adventures - Netherworld . (it was present before but now it is removed)

all the GhostAdventures “SPECIAL” episodes are missing on metadata that are telecasted once every year. (just like one above)

I request you to please add the same.
Also I want to ask is there any way to manually create Metadata for the same as for many different tv shows I have noticed that there is not any metadata available.

It looks like these are classified as specials for a tv show so they would have a season of “00” . I did a quick look and I saw some of these listed on TMDB. That is what Infuse uses for metadata for both TV and Movies.

If there are missing episodes you can join TMDB and as a member you can add missing info. Just be SURE to follow their contribution bibile and requirements.

If you use this as a file name it will find it.
“Ghost Adventures S00E53 Devils Den.mkv”

And this one would be
“Ghost Adventures S00E49 Horror at Joe Exotic Zoo.mkv”

You can see the rest of the specials here.


It appears that this is actually a movie and not a series.

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thankyou so so much for the detailed reply. your reply really helped a lot.
thanks for covering different aspects of my question.
looks like imma create few on TMDB.

Thanks again.

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I made one thread about missing metadata and you replied with detailed info.
Now I happen to create few missing episode on TMDB but the issue is when I am searching on “infuse app” metadata , it does not show up even though it exists on TMDB due to which I am unable to edit the metadata of those episodes.
for example I created one of -
Ghost adventures Devil Den but it does not show on infuse app.
here is the link of the Devil Den on TMDP .

Could you please check the same on your infuse app if you are able to find this ?

these two also does not show up on infuse app in metadata, could you also please check these two on your infuse app metadata section-

I would recommend that you not enter any more data on TMDB. It looks like you’ve entered some of these as single episode TV shows instead of individual movies. There’s a good chance that the moderators at TMDB will delete these (some or all) when they review them.

These should be movies and then will be part of a collection like the Indiana Jones collection.

Some of them may also be mini series and would be entered a bit differently.

If you read their “Contribution Bible” it will tell you how to determine how to classify each option.

If you’re not sure, then post a question in their forum for the moderators to get clarification before you enter more data.

Some of the ones you have entered are also on IMDB which TMDB regards as a good source of information so I’d search first on IMDB and use their reference number on TMDB where they ask for the IMDB number. Then you can make sure you’re data matches IMDB.

You will want to pay close attention to their requirements for artwork and the acceptable sources, sizes, and allowable edits you make to the artwork files.

Once you get the data fixed on TMDB (you may need to message a mod there to get their assistance) then we can make sure you’re file names are in the proper format for Infuse to gather the new metadata. :wink:

Just remember, the TMDB handles many new shows, movies, and updates daily so they appreciate things being verified before they have to start doing corrections. A few extra minutes on our parts makes things go smoothly. :+1:

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alright thanks for the detailed reply sir.

Also I wanna mention about few of the other version of ghost adventures ( which is a different series, they are not included under ghost adventures) but have their own season and they are being added by tmdb themselves (I did not add them) but they are also missing from Infuse metadata even though they have long been verifified by TMDB themselves. (I have attached their link below)

This is where you need to make sure you’re file names are in the proper format. A TV series needs to have the S01E01 (or other acceptable format) in the file name for Infuse to know what database to query. For example, the first one you listed. Ghost Adventures: House Calls
needs to be in this file name format.

“Ghost Adventures House Calls S01E01.mkv”

Movies would have file names something like this (note the movie name and year but no S01E01 formatting)

“Demon House 2018.mkv”

I’d recommend you report the pages you entered that are incorrect using the report button on those pages so TMDB can remove the incorrect info. That may cause problems for other users who have these items correctly identified. You can tell them you made an error and would like to correct it with the correct formats where necessary.

You can see the correct way to format your file names for Infuse here.

I strongly recommend you follow the first example given for TV shows using the “S01E01” over the other options, it’s the one that seems to have the best first time matches.

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alright I will follow that.

Thanks again.

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