Metadata for Disneynature Penguins

Here’s an interesting example that I’m struggling with getting correctly linked. I have DisneyNature’s Penguins in my library. I’ve renamed it DisneyNature.Penguins, I’ve updated the file metadata to include the right release date. Nothing seems to work as this always links back to Penguins of Madagascar. I have to correct this EVERY SINGLE TIME I REFRESH THE METADATA in Infuse. Any suggestions?

Name: Penguins
Release Date: April 17, 2019
Studio: DisneyNature
content ID: 19412

Try “Disneynature S01E14 Penguins.mkv”

No date needed.

EDIT TO ADD: The above will work for now but you can also rename the file to “Penguins 2019 Disneynature.mkv” and that will pull the info via TMDB now as a movie instead of a series that TVDB has it as.

I’d suggest you go with “Penguins 2019 Disneynature.mkv”

That pulled the correct metadata right away for me.


Thanks! That did the trick. Appreciate the assistance…

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