Metadata for disconnected shares is not shown

When browsing using the library and opening a title to its detail page, only the title is shown but all other metadata is missing if a share is currently not reachable. No poster, cast, plot, year or technical info. Selecting „Edit“ still shows the file name but there are no results. Sometimes posters will also go missing in list views and only three dots are shown in its place.

My library is fully scanned so the data is there, it‘s just not shown correctly.

If I want to watch something I have to start the share of course but I feel the purpose of the library is to be able to browse at all times.

This should be available if the share is offline or unavailable, but it’s possible Infuse had not fully completed its scan.

One thing to try is ensure the share is available, and navigate to Settings > Library and scan for changes. Once complete, you will see a ‘Last Updated’ message in the lower left area of the screen. This message indicates Infuse has scanned and cached info for all your videos.

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Hey James ?
I see this, too!
=> If my Diskstation is offline(shutdown) and I open Infuse and go to a Movie Preplayback-Screen I see only a Grey Screen with the Movie-Title! (No Poster, no Background, no Metadata like cast, description etc!)

But this happens only on Movie Preplayback-Screens… The Movie-Posters in Posterview, as well as all Posters, Backgrounds and Metadata from TV-Shows are all offline available ?

Look at the Screenshot ??

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Thanks for your reply James and thank you for adding the picture Christian, that is exactly how it looks on my end too. I can also confirm that it does not happen with TV shows. My library is also fully scanned showing „Last updated (a couple minutes ago)“.

Movie posters however do vanish for some items or only appear after a delay in library view and on the homescreen as shown in the attached pictures. Easy Rider in this case has a custom jpg in the folder but it happens with movies without a custom poster too. Rick and Morty on the homescreen was also saved on a share that was reachable at the time of taking the picture.

Hey James :slight_smile:

Can you confirm this?