Metadata for Cosmos possible worlds 2020 is the 2014 season of cosmos


The Metadata in infuse for Cosmos possible worlds 2020 is the 2014 season of cosmos. The files are named correctly. This is the only show I have where the metadata is incorrect. Would love a way to fix this. Also if I choose to edit the metadata Cosmos possible words 2020 is not an option. Only cosmos that is an option is cosmos 2014.

Episodes are named


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It looks like TheTVDB has the 2020 series classified as season 2 of Cosmos.

Using a structure like this should work.


Thanks James that worked!!
Also I’m so impressed with Infuse. I used xbmc on my Xbox back in the day so I tried MrMc on my Apple TV 4K before I tried infuse. Infuse the perfect Apple product as it “just works”. It’s so much better than anything else I’ve tried.

So Thank you for you quick response / resolution to my issue and making an amazing product.

Hello, I have a similar problem due to the naming convention that should be (per kodi standards):

First season has no problem though with this syntax:

TheTVDB will use the year of the original release, so you will need to use 2014 or drop the year entirely to get metadata for season 2.




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