Metadata for Arrested Development season 4 remix?

Hey all,

Has anyone figured out how to get proper metadata tagging for the new “remix” of Arrested Development season 4? It’s listed on thetvdb as a separate show entitled Arrested Development: Fateful Consequences, however Infuse does not recognize this. Any ideas?

It looks like it’s a work in process so give it a few days. The entry was just started today and there isn’t any real data there yet. Remember, it’s being entered by someone just like you and I and they may not have all the synopsis data or art work yet. Also it may take a day or two before they release the info to the APIs so the site moderators can make sure it’s ok.

That makes sense. I figured once it was up on the site, it’s “done,” but I guess not! Thanks ?

Don’t forget, you can help things along by joining and doing some of the leg work to get things like this up faster.