Metadata fetching

It seems alot of stuff isn’t found. Who should I contact to get them to fix it?

If it’s missing because TMDB doesn’t have it then since it’s a community supported database you can join the TMDB website and enter the metadata yourself as long as you follow their requirements and read through their contributors bible.

If it’s missing with the data being in TMDB then it’s probably a file naming problem and you’d have to provide an example of exactly how you have the files named.

I’d also recommend taking a spin through the Metadata 101 guide to ensure you’re using one of the supported naming styles for the files you are seeing issues with.

There’s no option for infuse to use the metadata available on plex?
The new metadata agent is pretty good and if i can just fetch the info while im browsing for the items it would save time and space and RIDICULOUSLY large libraries like mine (yea its pretty thicccc)

I disabled the “Metadata Fetching” option in General.

If you’re connected to Plex (or Emby/Jellyfin) Infuse will use the metadata from there instead of fetching its own.