Metadata Fetching/scanning... "forever??"

Hi All,


Finally updated to Atv2.0

I was running ios 4.xx with a previous version so just did the seasonpass witht he latest ios and installed 2.0 - and first impressions were great!!!

The reason i chose to swap over was to get some decent fanart happening etc.

The Media player detects my NAS and everything fine… it then tells me it has (485 movies on it) which is about right, it then begins to scan… and scan…and scan i guess pretty slowly (i mean i have left for an hour! And like only say fifty tiles are showing… it then kinda “crashes”… Is this like too much for the ATV to handle or something or whats the problem here?

Another question, where is the metadata actually stored if it is sucking it down from the internet every time you go into the library isn’t this a bit pointless? Or does it actually store the metadata on the device once it has found it?


Any help / ideas you can share on here would be good!!