Metadata fetching for TV shows in 0.7?


I just have a quick query about metadata fetching for TV.


This feature kind of worked in 0.6, but in 0.7 no metadata is found for any of my tv shows.  My naming convention is something like “30 Rock - S01E01 - Pilot.avi”.  I have no issues fetching metadata with XBMC or with Plex, so I don’t think the way I name files is dodgy.  Has this feature been disabled for TV shows in the 0.7 update?  I’ve restarted lowtide, deactivated/reactivated metadata fetching, cleared existing metadata, hard reset the ATV2.  Any ideas?





Unfortunately TV Show metadata is not yet supported, but will be added soon.

haha fair enough… 


that explains why it wasn’t matching anything  8)