Metadata fetching for Multi disc DVD rips of TV shows

I have the original DVD set of several tv shows that I am trying to RIP into hard disks as full DVD image and play it through the media player. Everything works great and the streaming quality with the latest version of the media player (1.7) is fantastic. But I have one problem which I am hoping to get some suggestions in this forum to fix. 

The metadata of the episodes does not get downloaded at all.

My directory structure is as follows:

Everybody Loves Raymond

      |______ Season 1

                      |________ Disc 1

                                        |________ Video_TS

                                                            |_____ …VOB files

In XBMC, I have no problem is getting the metadata by using the following structure:

Everybody Loves Raymond

      |______ Season 1

                      |________ Everybody Loves Raymond_S01E01E02E03E04E05

                                        |________ Video_TS

                                                            |_____ …VOB files

If I use the above structure, I get only the metadata of the first episode. How do I get the metadata listing of all the episodes in a disc?

Thanks in advance for help on this question


I’m very interested in an answer to this, since I have the same problem for my DVD rips

I have not tried this yet, but have you tried using the “secondEpisode” XML tag in the metadata XML file?  When I did this with Sapphire on the 1st generation Apple TV it gave me an episode range for the DVD.  It would show “Episodes N - M”.  Where N was from the value for the “episode” tag and M was the value for the “secondEpisode” tag.  It looked like this:


<media type=“TV Show”>

<title>Lost - Season 1 (Disc 1)</title>

        <summary>This is the media summary.</summary>

<description>This is the media description</description>






Hi all, did this work? Same problem over here…

Any answer for this because I’m having the same issue?