Metadata fetching for India

I have been using infuse for a long time.A few months back MOviedb got blacklisted by indian isps.So i lost all metadata for movies.Is there anyway to get it back ?

I believe you should be able to fetch metadata now.

Ok.I will try it out.Thanks !!

Just make sure your copy of Infuse is current.

Still not fetching metadata.I am using infuse 5.Planning to purchase infuse 6 if it pulls metadata.Can infuse 6 play Dolby atoms?

As I said above

Version 6.0.4 added help for metadata and subtitles fetching in some regions and I believe that would solve your issues. TMDb not working in India - #26 by james

As to atmos, no, Infuse does not handle atmos, yet. Apple hasn’t opened that up yet and you can do some light reading here. Help get (more) Dolby Atmos on Apple TV

That will tell you how you can add your support for Dolby Atmos support in Infuse.