Metadata fetching for Google Drive is slow

Metadata fetching for Emby server works quite well, it takes only a few mins to fetch about 80000+ metadata.
As for Google Drive, it can only fetch several metadata per min. It can be judged that it will take a few days to fetch metadata of Google Drive.
I wonder why the speed of fetching for GD is so slow?

When using Emby, Infuse is able to quickly download the already fetched metadata that Emby has. This is especially fast if your Emby server is on the local network.

For other shares, Infuse will fetch it’s own metadata and artwork. For Google Drive, the fetching speed can depend on your internet speed, as Infuse will need to connect to both Google Drive and TMDb/TheTVDB - both of which are internet based.

There isn’t really a way to test connection speeds for TDMb or TheTVDB, but you can test Google Drive in Infuse by opening the Google Drive share settings, and tapping the Speed Test option.