Metadata fetching bug


I think there is a bug / problem with the fetching of metadata.
I use Version 5.9 on an Apple TV 4k. If I add a movie where the moviename contains a dot, the metadata fetching is not workiong.
Those movie always go the the “Others” Section.

If I than edit the metadata and search for the movie titel, the search result is exactly what the movie file and folder is named.

Die 4th DIe Hard Movie is named “Stirb langsam 4.0” in germany. Movie folder and file are named exactly like this.
The automatic search for that movie does not find the movie. If I than edit it and search manually for “Stirb langsam 4.0”, the movie is listed with the exact same spelling, and I can select it from the result list. After that the movie gets the correct data and pictures.

By the way, Infuse does not remember those manuall corrections. If I remove the movie and re-add it, it is again goes to “Others” and I have to manually correct it again.

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Generally, we recommend avoiding periods or hyphens as part of the title as Infuse will treat these as spaces when matching, which can somethings lead to issues.

To resolve this, you can either rename the file to “Stirb langsam 4” or “Stirb langsam 40”, or simply use the Edit option in Infuse to locate the correct title. If you have iCloud sync enabled, this manual correctly will be restored automatically. However, if you re-locate the file to different folder or share, then you would need to make the correction again.

Anyway. I have enabled iCloud sync on all my devices, which are two Apple TV 4K and an iPad. I manually corrected all wrong fetched movies on one of my apple TVs. But this manual corrections are not transferred or not recognized on the other devices. All the misfetches happen there as well, and I had to manually correct everything there again. That’s really annoying!

By the way, you do not mention to avoid periods and hyphens in Filenames in your metadata 101. Quite the reverse, there are examples in the 101 where these characters are used.

But that’s not the worst thing about the meta data fetching.
Today I recognized, that Infuse killed all manuall corrections I did on my one apple tv, while the second apple tv did a rebuild of it’s library.
Not only that the second device did not recognize my manual corrections, it synced all the stuff it did not recognize correctly to icloud, and my first apple tv (where I did all corrections before) picked this data up, and all corrections where gone. That’s really a big bug, in my opinion.

What type of device are you streaming from? Are you using UPnP or DLNA by chance?

I use a QNAP NAS and the files are on a SMB Share.

Are you using Infuse Pro?

Is iCloud enabled on all your devices?

Yes, I use Infuse Pro 5.9.1., but not the version with subscription.
And yes, iCloud Sync and Trankt Sync is enabled on all devices.
All devices use the same iCloud and account.

I setup my new iPad today. After infuse has finished to scan the share from my nas, for some movies the wrong metadata was fetched.
For those movies I already did corrections on my Apple TV. Because those corrections where not synced to my old iPad, I did the corrections there agin. Today on my new iPad the correction where not synced again. So iCloud sync does not work for this in infuse 5.9.3

On all devices iCloud sync is enabled and all devices are logged into the same Apple ID.