Metadata feature requests

  1. Ability to toggle "Use containing folder name for lookup" on a per-network-share basis (and/or globally), as XBMC/Plex have always offered this functionality, and it's likely many peoples' libraries will be organised this way. When organised in this way, the video file might not be sensibly named (or could be misleadingly named).
  2. Ability to provide a folder.jpg for folders not containing a video file (for instance all my TV shows are stored in folders, but those folders in Infuse don't show pretty artwork. 
  3. An alternative/complementary approach to the above, is to do what you do with Movie folders (i.e. if there's a single movie in a folder, use the artwork from that for the containing folder). If there's a single TV series (any number of seasons) in a folder, then give that folder the series' artwork.

Yes I agree completely with this



  • "Mark as watched" functionality (should tie to local watched flag, and future trakt integration if enabled)
  • "Hide folders not containing video or subs files" (this should probably be on a per-share basis). It's usual for a folder to be created by Sickbeard before any videos are downloaded, and in this case it can clutter things up.

+1 on all counts

I was about to post the exact same list of suggestions.

In general, if the xbmc metadata /  artwork conventions were fully supported you would probably cover most requirements.

With regards tv series inFuse needs to just use the Series and Season images it finds in the folders as the images for the folders.

Metadata support in inFuse is already very good, it only needs a few more enhancements to be excellent.


I'm for all of these as well. All my tv shows are in folders and xbmc has no problem with this, which is nice.