Metadata extraction & Grid view for movies

Hi, I am more and more tempted to buy atvflash black but there are two features that, as far as I understand, are not supported yet and I would like to know if they will be in a close future :

  • extraction of meta data from .m4v files instead of fetching from internet : all my movies are tagged for itunes and contains nicelly prepared and cleaned meta data. Having to redo it all relying on internet fetcher is really a show stopper for me. Do you plan to either support directly embedded meta data in m4v files or provide a mean to extract this information and push it to atvflash black ?

  • Grid view for movies. As mentionned all my movies are already converted in itunes format so the biggest reason for me to go for atvflash back (on top of the ability to read from time to time directly a mkv) would be an improved user experience watching my movies. With the new appletv Apple made it even worse to access your won movies and compared to competitors software like xbmc or even their own movie views for rentals, the current list interface listing 100+ movies is a pain. Sorry for the long intro :slight_smile: My question now : Do you plan to provide grid views using thumbnails or improved sorting/display of meta data similarly to what’s available in xbmc ?


Thanks in  advance !


Both these features are planned for a future version, but we don’t yet have an ETA.

Thanks for the quick answer ! I guess I will have to wait then :slight_smile: