Metadata different on smb share than plex media server share

Im primarily using Infuse for playing all my media on my Synology NAS. When i installed the Infuse originally i added the avaiable share from the Plex Media server, but thats now causing me problems.

So i created some new shares through the SMB share, however the metadata gets very different and for the worse since a lot of the movies/tv shows doesnt get discovered.

Does anybody know why its so?

You should name all files and folders correctly. If there’s any title that doesn’t looks well you can name it manually.

Can you provide a few examples of how the problematic files are named, and how they are appearing in Infuse?

Also, what do you have the ‘Metadata Fetching’ and ‘Embedded Metadata’ options in Infuse set to?

Yes, so typically a movie could be called Harry.Potter.And.The.Order.Of.The.Phonex.2005.iso or something like that.

Metadata Fetching is ON
Embedded Metadata is OFF

Again, what confuses me is the ability for the Infuse player to Work flawlessly with the PMS share, but worse with the SMB share?

Thanks for the reply.