Metadata differences between tvOS and iOS versions

Here’s a riddle I can’t work out.

I have the TV series “A Horseman Riding By” - listed on TVDB at

My local files are named “A Horseman Riding By S01 E01” and so on.

The Apple TV picks it up and indexes the show correctly. Yet the iOS version claims it can’t find the show at all, and puts it in the ‘Other’ basket. Manually asking it to find a description turns up no results.

It’s clearly there in TVDB, under the exact name. I’m using proper naming convention. Infuse on AppleTV gets it. What’s wrong in the iOS version?


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Could you try modifying the file name by removing the space between S01 and E01 so you have “A Horseman Rides By S01E01”?

I’ve done that but it makes no change.

The only theory I can come up with is that the episode names (not numbers) on the TVDB start with years, i.e. 4 digit numbers. But why the episode NAME would confuse Infuse doesn’t make much sense. As I mentioned above, if you try to get the metadata manually it doesn’t even suggest the SERIES, let alone an episode number.

Do you have the episode name as part of the file name also? If so, please provide an example of exactly how you have the files named.

Yes, absolutely. My naming is exactly as per the original post, right down to the capital letters and spacing used. Like I said, Infuse on tvOS has no problem with it. Neither do my backup apps on Android TV, such as Archos and Kodi.

This is a strange one. I copied your exact naming and could not find any match on ATV. When looking at thetvdb, they show no banners, posters, artwork at all and no episode synopsis. Do you by chance have embedded or local metadata on them?

I had this happen once before on an oddball old series and thetvdb had changed it and not updates their database.

Once you have the info on the atv it will stay until you delete the files and then re add them so I’d look at generating your own metadata if it’s critical. Sorry I couldn’t be of more help on this one.

I know of a similarly confounding TV Show: “WWII in HD”

Good luck ever matching that one. It’s very clearly available on TVDB: WWII in HD -