Metadata database gone again!

Second time! (first time was reported 4.2, "recently watched" no longer listed on home page?).

All fetched metadata disappeared for no reason, entered Infuse it looked like a fresh install, had to repeat above language change again on few hundred non-English titles. I am getting very frustrated and don’t know when this will happen again.

Checked App storage after all are fetched, Infuse uses only 27MB.

What type of device are you streaming from?

Some UPnP/DLNA devices will re-index themselves from time to time, which results in Infuse seeing a completely different directory structure than what was there previously. In these cases, Infuse would in fact need to download metadata and artwork again.

A way to avoid this issue entirely is to stream via SMB, FTP/SFTP, or WebDAV…if possible.

Just had my Infuse database disappear and reload loosing all settings such as resonantly added list.
Using SMB via Qnap TVS-471.

I am connecting to WD MyCloud via SMB.

I have installed Infuse on two Apple TV4, both ATV and NAS wire to Router (Time Capsule), ATVs are connecting to the same NAS via SMB.

A lost metadata few month ago while B was fine. Now B lost all metadata but A is fine this time.

3rd time! This time it didn’t lose metadata (title and thumbnail are all there), but it decided to re-download metadata /poster when entered movie, why?

I have few hundred movies with non-English metadata fetched, now all of them are forced to refresh with English (system default language) metadata…had to fix them one by one again. This really pissed me off.

Does v4.3 require re-downloading metadata?
Does any new version require re-downloading metadata?

Can you make language setting per favorite? Or per movie even better?

I am having similar issues on the TVOS beta 5 install with Infuse 4.3 Pro. Each time I load up Infuse, several titles are not displaying their metadata (auto retrieval). It’s different titles each time. Have cleared the cache. Also it is taking ages for the meta to be retrieved.

What your ‘Metadata Fetching’ and ‘Embedded Metadata’ options set to in Infuse > Settings?

Hi James, both are set to on. I’ve emptied the cache a couple of times now and done an ATV reset. It seems to be behaving right now.

Ok - glad to hear you’re up and running.

FYI, unless you have a specific reason to enable Embedded Metadata, we recommend leaving it off since Infuse will populate entries much, much faster.

“Embedded Metadata” is always off.

4th time! It started re-downloading metadata again, I checked storage usage of inFuse, it is still 27MB.

I have 2 Apple TV 4 connecting to the same NAS, one didn’t have this problem, the other one had 3 metadata gone 3 times in a month.

The one without problem, NAS and ATV are wired to the same Time Capsule.
The one gave me troubles, Time Capsule → Powerline → Powerline → wired to ATV

I don’t believe network could cause data lost, so what could be wrong?

this time it was even worse, no metadata could be saved, that means if you went back to the movie that just had metadata downloaded, it downloaded again…

so i deleted infuse, tried to re-download it from app store. app store said: you don’t have enough space on apple tv 4… app download failed. but I didn’t install any other 3rd party apps, the only one, infuse pro 4, was just deleted…

so i restarted apple tv, now i was able to install it, re-fetched all metadata… once it is completed, i checked storage usage by using apps from TV app store, it uses only few hundred MB.

could this error “no disk space” be the root cause that infuse keeps downloading metadata? where is the error from? tvOS? or Apps?

Ah, yes this would definitely be causing cached info to disappear.

Apps running on the Apple TV aren’t allocated any dedicated storage space, so any data they have saved is subject to deletion at any time. This entire process is managed by tvOS, and all apps like Infuse can do is re-download the missing info if/when you need it.

Thanks James. I was also thinking that could be app bug that ate up too much unused storage space over the time…

why I said that so? I have 2 Apple TV 4, I checked storage usage on both,

the one without issue used 2.7GB storage, its metadata database/cache has been built for months.
the one with issue, just had app re-installed, fresh metadata database and cache, same NAS same amount of movies info fetched, it uses 700MB.

You can see storage usage is very different.

Same here!
Today all of a sudden my library was empty, showing no movies, no TV shows, nothing!!!

Now it is downloading everything again…
Apple TV is connected via Ethernet cable to a Synology NAS containing all the files, connection via SMB.

I am very, very pissed, as I have to edit 100 or so entries manually as Infuse fetches the wrong entries from TVDB/TMDb!!!

What to do against this???


For what it’s worth I have the exact same issues with mine, too. I have a brand new Apple TV 32 GB with only very few Apps installed. The box is showing 15+GB of free storage, however I run into the issue, too - that after re-installing the app, I was prompted with the storage notification, too. After restart I got the install done, and metadata from PLEX Synology NAS fetched. Over night, everything disappeared again. I love this App, but it seems that I cant move away from Plex :frowning:

I have had this occur multiple times, but each I have been able to have everything reappear. The trick is to remove your shared folders, without removing your shared device (i.e. I remove my “media” folder, but the network device remains untouched). Close the app, and the re-add the shared folder. Everything should reappear.

If you removed the shared device, the metadata disappears; if you only remove the shared folder and then re-add it, everything shows back up (for me at least)


It came again!!! It started downloading again in default meta data language. now all non English titles are messed up… this time I specially checked storage, there are 30GB free.

@James, couldn’t you tell what might trigger re-downloading? I noticed but I am not sure, I always use Poster view, once I enabled/used List view or Library View or or Search, the existing meta database seemed to be marked as “changed” then it started re-downloading…