Metadata Creation - New Tool

There have been regular posts in this forum before from people wanting more flexibility in terms of metadata creation.

There is nothing wrong with Firecore’s scraping of course, but the information is locked into Infuse…and if (like me) you have more than one ATV2, you have to repeat the scraping on each device which is hardly efficient.

I did some searching and ended up in contact with the creator of a tool called “Media Center Master” which automates the scraping and creation of metadata in many different formats.

I asked if he would be interested in adding ATV2 Flash to his list of supported formats, and after some help from me (he didn’t have an ATV2) and trial and error (no thanks to really vague documentation - ie the one webpage - from Firecore…for example, the cast list is limited to a max of 5 people, but it doesn’t tell you that) we got it working.

It may not be complete (we cannot tell, because the Firecore documentation does not have an explicit list of supported metadata fields) but it works for me.

I want to be clear that I have no personal interest in Media Center Master…I just want to promote the tool, seeing as they bothered to include support for Firecore…and I think it may interest many people on here.

It is workiong very well for me. My metadata appears in Infuse, but it is also “free” from Firecore should I switch to another medai player in the future…for example Media Center Master can output metadata in both ATV Flash and XBMC-compatible formats at the same time.


Thank you!! I’m definitely going to try this.  The traditional way of creatig an XML file had worked a few times but not always. So if this works that’d be amazing!