Metadata/ coverart - does xbmc send info to my itunes on my pc?

Not sure if I understand a whole lot about this.  Are there any apps/programs in xbmc or boxee that actually find missing cover art for my music (streamed from pc to gen 1 atv).  I've seen one in xbmc but haven't been able to get it to work yet.  If i do:

* is there a way to get the additional art information transferred to my itunes on my pc (i have a fair bit that it has not been able to find and have tried a few programs trials to find it but don't feel like paying $30 or so if there's a way that I'm missing on atv.

Thanks in advance

If you're streaming via iTunes from your PC to AppleTV, then unfortunately not.

The only option will be to add the album art to your music stored on your computer.

One way of doing this can be seen here.