Metadata Control


With InFuse, I am connecting to Google Drive for my family home videos and local storage shares for movies. When fetching metadata, InFuse pulls down metadata for my movies ‘and’ home videos. Movie metadata fetching is great, but how can I prevent InFuse from pulling down movie metadata for my Home Videos in Google Drive, since I obviously don’t want to associate them with fetched metadata. I can’t seem to disable it for my Google Drive home videos, but enable it for local storage share movies.

Thanks for your help.

On Apple TV, you can set Infuse to fetch local metadata on a folder-by-folder basis. To do this, simply long-press on a folder or a favorite and select the ‘Use Local Metadata’ option.

A similar feature for iOS will be available in the next update (5.7.2), along with iCloud syncing which will allow folders tagged on one device to sync automatically others.

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