Metadata caching

Hi all,

I wonder how metadata caching works in Infuse (iOS version).

I have a bunch of movies on my NAS (Synology Diskstation), and I connected the NAS in Infuse on my iPad.
Whenever I browse to my movies folder on my NAS in Infuse, I see my movies all grey. It takes a long, long time until the movie covers appear step by step and the metadata is loaded/updated. And yes, the switch in “Settings” “Get Metadata” is “on”.

This behavior happens each and every time again when I use Infuse on my iPad.
I thought that the metadata is cached in my iPad, but apparently it is downloaded each and every time.

This is a real pain, as it makes the user interface useless for me.

Any ideas?

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We’re looking into a few cases where this can happen.

Are you streaming via UPnP or SMB, and how many videos would you say are in each folder?

Hi James,

thanks for the quick answer.

I am streaming via SMB, and I have about 450 files in that folder.
Most of the movies are tagged directly, sometimes I use corresponding XML files (for an Apple TV running aTV Flash).

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I’m having the same problem using Infuse 3 Pro on my iOS devices.

Every time I open the app on my iPhone 6 or my iPad the artwork and information previously downloaded isn’t there.

It seems that the app download the information again but it’s weird that the size of the “Metadata” in the settings section seems to grow every time.

I have connected to my NAS using UPnP and SMB and the problem persists in both cases.

It is a more serious problem than it seems because titles and art covers are shown very slowly and with nearly 100 media files is impossible to find the movie you want to play.

Is there a fix for this problem?

After the app collected ALL the metadata the problem disappeared and everything started working all right.
This app is amazing!


Hello, kind of along the same lines, how big is the cache for metadata? Do I have to worry about it becoming full? I really don’t care how big it gets as long as I don’t reach the limit. I have nearly 1500 movies and was wondering does the cache have a limit. I use gen 4 appleTV 64GB, its sole propose is to run infuse and it is set to fetch metadata. Does the cache size expand as needed? Is there a max number of TV shows and Movies that can be cached?

The cache will expand to whatever size is needed.

Also, the upcoming 5.9 update will show how much disk space Infuse is using for its cache in the Settings menu.