Metadata cache keeps clearing!

Metadata cache keeps clearing! - #873 by munpip214

Did manually kill it to force a restart to trigger the restore question.

I agree with @IT_Troll this text is misleading.

I made a suggestion earlier:

Oops! It seems your metadata has been cleared…

Don’t worry, we have you covered, restoring from backup.
Ready in the flashes of flashes…

Or more strict:

Restoring from backup…

We are rebuilding your library with meta-data we
backed up on our cloud from yesterday 14:23.
Sit tight, it will just take a moment…

For those testing, we have a new beta of 7.6.4 available today (build 4633)! :smiley:

This includes

  • Optimized backup sizes
  • Improved transfer speeds (especially for non-US regions)
  • Other minor improvements

If no issues come up we are planning to make this available on the App Store next week. :crossed_fingers:


@james hi!
Everything works fine! Release already and we are waiting for new versions infuse with DV 8.1 and so on :slight_smile:

You do realize that there are other betas in progress don’t you?

I understand :slight_smile: But I was really waiting for the introduction of DV 8.1 :slight_smile: The sooner 7.6.4 is released, the faster the output of 7.6.x will approach :slight_smile:

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@james, I just tested the new beat again.
Seems like backup/restore is reduce by 50%, about 5 sec in my case.

I still see inconsistency in your wording.

Settings screen

Has you highlight the “Cloud backup” option the caption says “Save library details to the cloud for faster updates when using infuse.”

This text is misleading in many ways, “save” indicates that I can Save/Load etc according to my liking. Faster updates is not true either, update are still the same speed. Updates of what, infuse version, or scanning library etc.

I suggest
“Backup for fast restoring of meta-data in case cache is cleared.”

Restore from backup

When restoring from backup the last sentence i the warning is that “the app will restart”.

Infuse is closing, but not restarting!
Either adjust text or fix the bug

Restoring from backup

The title in the pop-up says “Preparing your library…”

Preparing is something I expect to happen before I start to use the app, or like the first time I use it.

This message should be “Restoring from Backup…”
And message should be something like “Your meta-data was cleared, but don’t worried, we are restoring your details from backup, ready in a few seconds…”


That’s great to hear! :raised_hands:

Good catch. This text will be adjusted in the next update.

I understand your point, but allow me to explain the reasons behind this.

Initially, Cloud Backup will be opt-in only so those who see these prompts will certainly be aware of what this feature is and what these messages mean. Once we are able to see these backups are working reliably in real-world use then it will eventually be enabled by default for all users. Likely within the next month.

IMHO, most users don’t need (or want) verbose/detailed messaging, and the phrasing here has been chosen specifically to avoid causing alarm to someone who is just wanting to sit down and enjoy a relaxing movie or TV show.

Phrases like ‘your metadata has been cleared’ or even ‘we are restoring…’ could imply that something has gone horribly wrong, or that maybe Infuse has a bug that needs to be fixed. This isn’t really the case as these things are normal Apple TV behaviors. The new Cloud Backup feature can be viewed as an extension of the local storage and provides a smoother experience if/when the local storage becomes unavailable.

Of course, we will keep an eye on how people feel after the release of 7.6.4, and can always make adjustments to these messages down the road.

How about, “Sync library details to the cloud for a faster start up” ?

The bit about faster updates is weird.

@james Thanks for elaborating, I understand what you are going for.

I still believe you mix several concepts likes backup, saving and other words for the same action. You should be consistent or you are confusing. You should also be as correct as possible to not mislead users.

I suggest while in setting you use “backup” in the highlight text as backup button is selected. Save indicates you can open, copy, export etc, that you have some sort of file management.

For the restore message, preparing indicates a one-time action before you install or starting to use the app. This will potentially comeback frequently, so to be correct and less alarming i propose “Library maintenance” ‘Bare with us as we maintain your library, we’ll be ready in a few seconds…”

and yet again we are using the " The Cloud ". Sorry but many of us DO NOT WANT our personal data, contents of our libraries, and many other things loaded on ‘THE CLOUD’. Call it what it is… remote storage servers that most of us have NO idea where they reside, and who can access them. If secure credit card and banking information can be hacked, how hard do you think it will be to get into these other servers? Cloud servers are NOT 100% secure, can be accessed by 3rd parties, as well as the govt. I can think of SOOO MANY reasons why somebody might not want the contents of their media libraries (including family videos if stored on the same libraries) listed somewhere other prying eyes can peek into. Too many of the younger generations are totally unawares of past misdeeds done, and dangers posed by this seemingly amazing thing called…“THE CLOUD”. IMHO the creation of that term is probably the single most incredible achievement by Park Ave Marketing firms EVER. Makes something inherently dangerous and unsafe seem soft fluffy and harmless. Good Grief. We have been begging and crying for a local storage for metadata option for metadata backup for YEARS and yet again our requests are ignored.

It’s only textual metadata, not content. No images; no video. It’s all encrypted. Firecore can’t read it. Amazon can’t read it. Apple can’t read it. Who’s going to want to go through the time and effort of hacking AWS and breaking the encryption just to see the titles you’ve assigned to your home media?


Right? There is more risk just exposing yourself to the internet via this forum or most other websites, for that matter

But I definitely can see someone wanting the option for local backup, especially if they live remote and don’t have regular internet or choose to disable it


I’d love local backup, too — all the more so since I’m mostly been severed from the intertubes these last many months :pensive: — and strongly lobbied for Firecore to figure out a way to give it to us. But I get why doing so for all users, no matter the diverse hardware and services they might be bringing to the party, would be a nightmare for Firecore’s small development team to implement and maintain .

Since this is a workable solution that goes nearly all the way to remedying the headaches caused by running this type of software on a tvOS and iCloud infrastructure that is less than friendly to the type; and Firecore is providing its users the necessary third-party cloud storage space and services without limitations and completely at the company’s own expense, I’m satisfied.

… and pleasantly surprised by their clever approach that, to the best of my recollection, none of us were thoughtful enough to suggest to them anywhere in this monster thread.

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You are too self-confident in your replies. I have been in the industry a long time, and very aware of what hackers can do if they set out to. A tool created to hack one database has been modded to hack another and so on many times in the past. Hackers will not necessarily target individual accts, but will go on to harvest entire servers contents and then do what they want. Third parties can employ hackers to aid in investigations and look into anonymous tips. Apple (and others) have cooperated covertly in investigations despite public denials. Even if it is a text listing of the files, how certain are you, or more importantly, FIRECORE is that users of Infuse will be completely safe from such intrusions? Those of us, and they are not few, have been requesting local storage forever and its absurd that we are not being heeded. Users HAVE to set up the SMB or other shares initially to access their files, a simple added field in the setup process to point to a local drive for those of us that want to exercise that option CANNOT be impossible to implement. SHOULD I VISIT FIRECORE’S OFFICES AND WRITE THE CODE??

If you don’t want to use the solution for this issue that is currently in progress then don’t use it.

If you want local storage instead, then you need to add your support to the suggestion thread for that idea.

If you want to debate the finer points then start a thread in the lounge area so you’re not pinging everyone following this thread with your posts requesting a different course of action.

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Today’s 7.6.4 update includes our all-new Cloud Backup feature! :raised_hands:

This is now available to everyone, and more info on how this works can be found in this guide.


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