Metadata cache keeps clearing!

What about updating the library as a background operation? I don’t think using it for backup is that important, I would say we only care about what we see when the app is actually live, so it’s probably a good idea to minimize the time it spends refreshing the library and when it loads only do the critical stuff (e.g., download the artwork for the stuff it discovered in the background and then backing it all up).

For those of us with larger libraries, this works out very close to 1 GB per 50,000 items …

Folks paying to subscribe to ridiculously large shared servers (and complaining about how long it takes Infuse to index them) might keep this in mind.

The scaling is probably not 100% linear, and the particular set up I tested to get this number may be a bit edge case since it has a total of 21 different shares. But yes, in general a larger library will take up more space. :slightly_smiling_face:

I will also point out this can currently be used for Emby, Jellyfin, and Plex but would not be needed once the new Direct Mode features are rolled out.


Then the upload / download processes would need to be made to pause and resume next chance it gets (rather than as a whole) if you want a flexible background processing system for iOS.

Anyway, after testing it out - this data backup and restore is amazing and quick af. Love it! Once you remove the prompts, users will never have to know if this happens in background or the foreground (aside from a loading screen ofc).


Finally got the Beta going, first time I used Testflight on ATV, turn out you need to be a bit patient…

Backup was quick, about 10sec to store, and restore about the same time.
Full rescan of artwork in a few minutes.

Super, so I can start browsing within 10 sec after a cleared cache, without artwork though, but that’s fine as they load as you browse.

When you launch after a cleared cache I suggest the “Restore from backup” to be the first or preselected choice.

I also suggest to an indicator to show status of backup. Green if you have a backup less than one day, or red if you no backup or a very old backup. Either on main screen or on the backup button in settings.

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The production version will remove this choice, I believe and just auto load from backup if it exists

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Haven’t been back here in ages! Hello all.

I’m back cause my two 32GB 1st Gen 4K ATV’s have started clearing every couple days :confused:

My library is 4000 items and my ATV’s have barely any apps on them, I disabled screensavers yonks ago and that has worked for months and months. Sadly not any more.

My 3rd Gen 128GB has never done this.

Anyway, gladly after I scrolled through the messages on here, quite an amount since I last visited :), someone is testing beta function.

Can anyone recommend a 3rd party app to look into my storage though?

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Happy Friday!

We have a new beta available today, and this is tagged as version 7.6.4 (4618). It includes a smoother restore flow and a number of other improvements for the cloud backup feature.

Demo of the new backup flow

If you have tested the previous beta with cloud backup feature DO NOT RESTORE FROM THE BACKUP CREATED IN THE PREVIOUS 7.6.3 BETA!!!

Steps for updating

  • Install the new beta - 7.6.4 (4618)
  • Create a new backup to replace the one created in the previous build
  • Test as usual

Known issues

  • Up Next is not backed up in some cases
  • No special handling of insufficient disk space issues
  • Restore messaging needs some cleanup
  • Optimized transfer speeds for non-US locations

Using and testing cloud backups

  • Go to Settings > Cloud Backup and turn ON Auto Backups or tap Backup Now. Note: It might take some time for large libraries to get backed up
  • Check to ensure the backup finished successfully (Last successful backup: Today in Cloud Backup Settings)
  • Tap ‘Restore Now’ in the Cloud Backup Settings to kill the cache and exit the app
  • DO NOT TAP ‘RESTORE NOW’ if you don’t want to lose your library and cached data!
  • Open the app, and wait until the library is restored
  • Infuse will then perform a full iCloud sync
  • Let us know how it feels and submit a report if anything goes wrong during the process

Backup location and details

  • Backups save library settings and textual data
  • Stored in secure AWS storage
  • Fully encrypted on device before uploading
  • Encryption keys are tied to a specific app installation on your device
  • Deleting the app or restoring the device will make the backup unavailable to anyone in the future
  • We do not have the ability to read or recover these encrypted backups for you
  • Each device is able to have a single backup (IE the latest version overwrites the previous)

If you are interested in testing the new cloud backup feature (tvOS only), you can join the TestFlight group using the link below.

Note: Pro features do not transfer to TestFlight versions, so the easiest way to enable Pro is to log into Trakt on one device, then log into the same Trakt account in the beta version.

I tried the new beta, works great but you can improve the feedback.

  1. Did full Scan
  2. Did backup now
    10sec for 540 films and 1400 episodes
  3. Clearad metadata
  4. Killed Infuse
  5. Started Infuse
    No warning or request to load from backup
  6. Did Restore from backup
    Warning screen: Restoring backup
    Text says something like this, ”somerhing went wrong…”
  7. After about 10-15 sec we are done.
    All entries are there, I can navigate and start playing.

Can I suggest to rephrase the warning text?
I interpret it as something went wrong during the restoring of the backup. My reaction was “Oh no, doesn’t work!” Instead of “phu, saved! Good job taking care of me.”

Perhaps your message should be something like “Oops! It seems your metadata has been cleared. Don’t worry, we have you covered, restoring from backup. Ready in the flashes of flashes…”

Why didn’t the app suggest to restore from backup automatically when I started after clearing the cache? Was it because I did a manual cache-clearing?

Did you do this manually or just that when it cleared the app it closed infuse?

Using the ‘clear all metadata’ option in Settings would give a different result, as this is used when you feel a large portion of the metadata is wrong, outdated, or you just want to rescan everything for another reason.

The restore from cloud backup process is triggered under certain conditions. Either when the database has been removed by the system (due to the device being low on space) or the database has some other kind of error which makes the library unusable (very rare).

The messaging does need some cleanup, I agree.

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Just posting to say me too! I’ve been seeing this metadata issue more and more regularly recently. I only have small library of titles to watch on an SMB share. Really great to see that a solution is due to be released in the next version.

I guess Aerial screensavers is the cause, other than a handful of streaming apps I have very little else using local storage. Apple really need to provide better options for managing the space used by screensavers.

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Hey James :wink:

But wouldn’t it be useful if it’s possible to Restore this Backup to a new Device, for example a new Apple TV?

Then we could restore simply everything from the saved Backup, if we bought a new AppleTV :wink::+1:

Maybe this encrypted Backup could saved per User-Account and could be accessed if we Login on the new AppleTV Device?

This could be useful in some cases, but it is a bit outside the scope of the problem we are working to solve with this solution.

Additional features and options could be added in the future, but this isn’t an area we plan to focus on for the 7.6.4 update which will include this feature.

Data will still be able to sync from iCloud if/when you buy a new device.

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I just checked my usage. Settings > General > Manage Storage shows apps are using a total of 448.8 MB. Infuse has the biggest usage at 127 MB.

Third-party app TV Info shows that 25.66 GB is in use, with 3.96 GB (13.4%) free. Presumably Apple are prioritising storage allocation for their apps which is not disclosed or available for user management.

The storage shown here is a bit misleading, as this only shows the initial app download from the App Store.

Apps can download additional data after being installed, and currently there is no good way to track which apps are actually using space.

However, Infuse will show the space it’s currently using for metadata and artwork in the Infuse > Settings menu.

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There is a new beta (7.6.4 - 4625) available for those who are testing this feature.

This includes a number of fixes, and a cleaned up restore screen when data needs to be restored upon app launch.

We are hoping to have 7.6.4 available for everyone on the App Store around the end of the month.

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Wow that is misleading and makes Manage Storage even less useful.

Infuse reports it is using 76 MB for metadata. So hardly being greedy with storage.

Edit: To be clear, this is a reply to James’ previous post about Apple’s storage reporting.

I agree with @james , this issue is about cache-clearing problem, so don’t add scope creep, start a new thread.

Since I started to use the Beta with the upcoming backup solution my problem stopped.
It also seems like backups are being made in the background, i.e. last backup time are sometimes during a time I haven’t been home and using the system.

I’m happy that you listened to our advice on how to solve this.

I’m less happy with the lack of communication and openness around solving this problem. Do not underestimate the power of communication, by ghosting the community we get the impression you are not addressing the issue.

For the future I hope you will be more detailed in your planned actions and report progress, that build trust, trust builds loyalty.

I hope we can close this thread soon, so you can move on to properly support custom nfo/xml for movies, collections and shows so we can consume all our media in the same convenient way.