Metadata cache keeps clearing!

Do you (or anyone else) have recent experience with the app on the latest versions of tvOS? I can’t see the last time it was updated (via its AppStore entry which I can only access on my iPhone at present; which says the app is “4+” years old). Can anyone confirm it currently forces all but one of Apple’s screensavers to be removed from their AppleTVs?

I’ve just checked the app. It’s not an old one as it was released in April 2023. You got confused by the age rating (4+).

I’ll probably buy it next time Infuse metadata cache gets cleared by tvOS as using it looks much less tedious than having to manually download/delete games to clear the space taken up by caches.

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Ah! That seems eminently probable — my apologies.

[Searching for the app via Safari, I am redirected to an AppStore page where I see listed a 2023 copyright notice for the App, but no entries for the file version numbers nor release dates I’ve grown accustomed to seeing for apps on my phones and tablets or (formerly) on my AppleTV — presumably because I’m not accessing this app’s App Store entry on a compatible device.]

Perhaps it would be worth Firecore licensing Space Reclaimer’s strategy and including it as a module in its own app? Implementing Space Reclaimer’s cache-clearing processes from within Infuse would allow Infuse users to avoid the deletion of Infuse’s own cache (and the subsequent need to rebuild it) which would otherwise be lost whenever using Space Reclaimer as a stand-alone app.

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Well, I ran the app once more and nothing happened with the metadata in Infuse.
So to be honest I have no clue what it acctually erases.
After a second run no more space was returned. I’m still at 29GB free.
So maybe it’s only program/ios update tempfiles thats cleared out.
But there are lots of clever boys and girls out there that can probably answer that one.

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I put in my dollar and tried this app on 2 ATV 4ks… Ran the free all option a couple of times on both. The free space according to this app and the tvInfo app didn’t change.

Do you have to do something else to finish this, like a reboot? Or does it only work for specific circumstances?

Not to my knowledge, I got from 6GB free to 29.

I know this is a TVOS problem (or at least mainly) but my ATV 4K 32GB has gone from clearing its cache around once every couple of months, to once every couple of days and it’s getting really tedious.

It takes around 10 minutes to rebuild every time, during which I can’t watch anything. Also a couple of TV shows that Infuse always mis-identifies always get wrongly tagged again each time this happens. Not the end of the world, but if you can find a way to fix it that would be great - and I’d suggest it’s a higher priority than a lot of the very niche things you seem to add each time.

Which shows? We can’t fix the wipes but might be able to help you with items getting misidentified (sometimes updating filenames can help the algorithm).

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Hello friends -

The first build of Infuse with our new cloud backup feature has been in beta testing for the past 2 weeks, and we are now opening this up to others who wish to test this feature.

The Cloud Backup feature saves a snapshot of your library, which includes all textual data and allows for rather fast recoveries if you run into a scenario where the system decides to start removing app data.

For a point of reference, here is a video showing the recovery times for a library with ~1,000 items.

Using and testing cloud backups

  • Go to Settings > Cloud Backup and turn ON Auto Backups and/or tap Backup Now. Note: It may take a moment for large libraries to get backed up
  • Check to ensure the backup finished successfully (EG Last successful backup: Today in Cloud Backup Settings)
  • Tap ‘Test Restore’ in the Cloud Backup Settings to remove the cache and exit the app
  • DO NOT TAP ‘TEST RESTORE’ if you don’t want to lose your library and cached data!
  • On launch, tap ‘Restore from backup’
  • Wait until the library is restored
  • Once restored, Infuse will then perform a full iCloud sync
  • Let us know how it feels and submit a report if anything goes wrong during the process

Backup location and details

  • Backups save library settings and textual data
  • Stored in secure AWS storage
  • Fully encrypted on device before uploading
  • Encryption keys are tied to a specific app installation on your device
  • Deleting the app or restoring the device will make the backup unavailable to anyone in the future
  • We do not have the ability to read or recover these encrypted backups for you
  • Each device is able to have a single backup (IE the latest version overwrites the previous)
  • Auto-backups are completed once every 3 days (This interval may change, or perhaps even become customizable)
  • Cloud Backup works in conjunction with iCloud Sync, so you can keep both enabled at the same time.

Note: The recovery process currently displays a lot of messages and requires some user interaction to complete. Once we have finished fine-tuning things, these messages and prompts will be removed (or minimized) for a more seamless experience.

If you are interested in testing the new cloud backup feature (tvOS only), you can join the TestFlight group using the link below.

Note: Pro features do not transfer to TestFlight versions, so the easiest way to enable Pro is to log into Trakt on one device, then log into the same Trakt account in the beta version.


Checked. Works. Recovery from backup is very very fast. Normal recovery is done much much slower.
Nice new feature. We are waiting for the release ! :slight_smile:


Hey, this is pretty cool!

I’ve long grokked why allowing users to save or backup data to their own servers (whatever and wherever they may be) could potentially be a nightmare to code, manage, and provide ongoing customer support for, both during the initial implementation and thru time without end as users’ multitude of various devices and services inexorably grow and change over time … so I commend Firecore for coming up with this unexpected mediation, leveraging a singular third-party cloud service free of the current handicaps inherent in depending on users’ personal iCloud accounts as the backup location.

[Since Infuse users’ individual iCloud accounts are space-limited, exclusively managed by Apple, and must be shared between all of each users’ multitude of app, device and personal data backups, and Firecore can never know in advance (and therefore plan for) the amount of space that might be made available to Infuse to backup and preserve its data (if any) nor how long that space might remain available to it; and further, since iCloud is a subscription service that Infuse users must pay for separately if they are to access more than just the token amount of cloud storage Apple provides for free; Infuse users hoping to utilize iCloud as a Infuse backup source would almost certainly be forced pay a second ongoing subscription to do so … and still Firecore has no way of knowing which of its users will choose to do this, or for how long … so in the end iCloud can’t be trusted by Firecore any more than any individual user’s specific backup device or cloud service of choice could.]

So — thank you Firecore for taking on this project and the entire expense of securing AWS space services adequate to serving all Infuse users’ off-device metadata backup needs.

Once Infuse completes the repopulation of textual metadata to restore functionality, will it then immediately begin reimporting pictorial metadata — in the background — from TMDB (or, preferably, when present, from the user’s own media servers)?


Yes, once the snapshot is pulled down artwork would begin populating immediately. Where this comes from will depend on if the metadata fetching options is enabled and/or if local artwork is present for the files.

You can also choose whether Infuse caches all artwork at once or downloads it on an as-needed basis (while browsing). The option for this is the ‘Pre-Cache Images’ option found in the Advanced section of a saved share’s settings.


Well I learnt a new word today :smile:


You did it again, Firecore. Awesome!


Is the plan for this to have it work with background app refresh so if the metadata gets cleared then background app refresh could restore it and the user may not even know it was cleared?


Well done James and the rest of the FireCore team! It’s been a very long road, but you seem to have come up with a great solution!

May I ask if there are any size limitations on this backup?

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Nice to hear!
Does the backup happen also automatically?
Or do I have to manually create a backup now and then?

I’m curious why an external server is needed here (AWS). Theoretically can the backup be stored locally?

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locally where?

TBD, since background time is limited and Infuse may not be able to complete the upload in the allocated amount of time (which can vary).

No size limits in the app. Larger libraries will take a bit longer of course, and speeds will vary depending on the download/upload speed of your internet connection.

I just ran a backup on a test device with a 1,312 item library (spread over a few shares) and the backup size was 26.8 MB, if you want a reference point for how large these backups are.

There is an option for auto backups you can enable.

Theoretically yes, but creating a reliable system like this for a wide variety of user-managed shares (which could feature a wide array of configurations and edge case issues) would be quite a bit more challenging and time consuming to create and maintain, with limited upside benefit.

On the flip side, AWS storage is fast, secure, and always available.