Metadata cache keeps clearing!

Well seeing your results would be interesting.
See if you see the stutter issues or lip sync issues?
The whole reason why many of us are using Infuse in the first place.
Hopefully you don’t own HomePods or AirPods because no Plex devs own them either so they won’t be fixing the issues using Apple devices with another Apple device. If you really want to move away from Infuse then you’re probably better off looking at Emby or Jellyfin as a solution. Emby’s Apple TV app was fairly reliable last time I used it and Jellyfin are building a player from the ground up (though I haven’t tested that in a while.)
Plex will not be a solution for better playback. At least not on Apple devices.

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Now there’s an understatement :joy:

You are making this confusing:

The idea is NOT to move away from Infuse as a player, it’s the best one and backend agnostic.

The idea is to switch to a much better backend solution which Infuse is not and that’s totally ok (servers serve this purpose).


Plex / Emby / … + Infuse clients.

How does the op saying this…

…translate to anyone anywhere as “I’m gonna start using Plex and keep using Infuse as the client.

It may be better to assume that if I quote someone else, I’m talking to them and not you perhaps? It may be your idea but clearly not the ops.

That’s not a good idea for reasons you yourself explained (the plex apps are mediocre).
We might save this person some time by explaining what is a better solution.

(it’s not an opinion, it’s how every IT system works, whether because the client is light or because there are multiples clients - this very forum javascript client isn’t reading/writing from/to a fileshare).

My point was if he’s really determined to drop Infuse then Emby or Jellyfin are currently better options.
Thats with or without Infuse.

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Plex has “fixed” the sync issue by allowing you to set an offset on the Plex ATV app. I’ve mine offset at 250ms and a/v seems to be in sync now. Though, I’m still experiencing a judder issue on the latest ATV 4k. Interestingly, it seems to only happen on this newest generation ATV 4k. My previous generation ATV 4k doesn’t experience the judder. Once Plex figures that out, that’ll be my client 100%.

I have the latest version of ATV 4k (128GB) and I’m not experiencing the caching issue in Infuse, but I have a previous version ATV 4k (32GB) that is constantly having this issue. They’re identical in configuration and they both use the same Plex server. It’s only a matter of time when the 128GB version will experience the same caching issue as my library will continue to grow.

Looking at the Upcoming Features post

Improved recovery times for rare cache issues (tvOS)

This doesn’t read to me like Firecore is looking to actually fix the underlying issue in a future release, but rather make fetching metadata faster after a clearing. I also would describe it as “users with larger libraries” instead of a “rare” issue. And if my understanding is correct that the solution is just a band-aid, then it’s unfortunate because I really like Infuse, but I’m not going to continue to wait for a proper solution when other alternatives exist. I won’t be able to justify continuing my subscription for issues like these. For the folks with lifetime subscriptions, I feel your pain.

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Sorry but that’s not a fix. It’s also not even in “my” top three issues with Plex. But we’re going off topic to be fair.

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Do you think that other programs don 't have problems that the developer can 't fix for a long time ? :slight_smile: Yes, a lot of problems! Infuse developers have already made two decisions in future updates. So those who are faced with this problem have to wait a little.
I have a lifetime subscription. Absolutely do not suffer :slight_smile: The best player so far :slight_smile:

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Remember that every post pings the rest of the users that may be following this thread.

If you wish to discuss the pros and cons of other solutions please start a thread in the other gear and services forum. :wink:

  1. I have had ongoing and serious lip sync issues with Infuse. It’s so prevalent I was going to use ffmpeg to re-sync audio on files (haven’t had time yet), but after reading this, I replayed some of my files on my Mac with VLC and found they’re not out of sync - but they are when using Infuse on AppleTV. (I have seen that Plex lets me adjust that.) I see @Hitsville says Plex has fixed that - I’ve never seen a fix in my version, unless it’s somewhere in settings. It’s not something I can find in 6.7. (With a paid Pro, supposedly I get free updates, and my ATV is set to update, and that’s the latest. I haven’t checked if I have to pay for version 7 and up - if I do, at this point, I won’t unless I know this metadata issue is fixed - and, at that, there are still bugs that have been frustrating me for years.)

  2. Thanks for the info on Emby and Jellyfin. I’ll be checking those out.

  3. Choppy video on Plex? Not seeing that at all. Have had a serious issue with that on iOS.

If you’re still running version 6.7 that is the latest and last update for Infuse 6. For any further updates you’ll need to start a subscription to Infuse 7 Pro.


I don’t see any lip sync issues in the latest version of Inufse; as a professional video editor, I’m very sensitive to it. I would definitely suggest upgrading to the latest version to see if that solves it. The version you’re running is over 2 years old now.

I run an Emby server, with Infuse as my tvOS player. For me it’s the best of all worlds, as Emby’s library management is much more powerful than Infuse’s, but the Infuse player is far superior to the Plex / Emby / Jellyfin apps on Apple TV. I appreciate it’s annoying to have to set up a whole other service, but I found it very straightforward, and well worth the effort.

‘Direct Mode’, which is being released in an upcoming Infuse update, will make Plex / Emby / Jellyfin integration with Infuse even better, and eliminate any issues with cache clearing - Infuse will directly access your metadata from your Plex / Emby / Jellyfin server, so won’t have to save anything locally on your Apple TV / iPhone / etc.

New direct mode for Emby, Jellyfin, and Plex

(Apologies @NC_Bullseye for keeping this off-topic conversation going, but I really feel this is the best solution for those experiencing cache-clearing problems).

Trust me my friend, I can assure you it wasn’t me who said it.


Nope. Not going to pay monthly for Infuse unless I find that the issues I’ve been having with it are fixed:

  • Metadata refresh - (especially losing my watched/unwatched markings)
  • Lip synced audio (which I didn’t realize was Infuse until someone brought it up - thought I had used a bad encoder for a lot of files!)
  • Taking forever to read Samba share folders on AppleTV and iOS (as I said, I quit using the iOS version because it could take 3 minutes to step down through 4 folder levels!)
  • Losing it’s place in folders (often when I haven’t used Infuse for several hours and go back to it on ATV, I get a message that it disconnected from the server - but it doesn’t have the brains to remember where it was and reload that same directory - I always am up a level or at the top level, and then stepping down through the directories can take minutes due to Infuse’s slow directory parsing)
  • Freezing between loading files - when I use shuffle or am playing files in a folder, I often get an unending pause with a black screen. Apparently Infuse knows the next file to load, but doesn’t load it.

I know the app business is competitive and it’s hard to make enough to keep a company going, but paying a subscription for a service, like using a backup server, is one thing. Paying monthly for SaaS when the software does not need to use the company’s server is just not fair to the users. And, in this case, with these bugs and issues causing continual irritation during basic use of a program, I’m not about to pay a subscription to fight those kinds of issues.

Are you using the latest version of tvOS? You realise Infuse releases updates to make it more compatible with each new tvOS release?

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It’s actually much more involved than that, with a framework that can be built on and expanded over time. Overall, the goal is to minimize the amount of time it takes to get the library to a usable state if/when this issue appears.

The underlying issue of the system clearing out cached data when it determines the device is running low on space is not something which can be addressed by an individual app, as this is something Apple controls.

As this is a know behavior why have you made such a design?

Why can you not provide an alternative storage location such as iCloud, Cloud service of choice or NAS?

Is this something your are actively working on or are you happy with the current design?


Infuse for Apple TV was originally released on the App Store in late 2015. From that point until sometime in 2023 the rates of this happening were effectively 0%. With the release of a certain tvOS 16 update (exact version unknown) the rates of this happening crept up to 3-5%. For unknown reasons, it seems to affect certain users more than others, perhaps due a combination of device settings and/or other installed apps.

Yes, this has been discussed a number of times, and was reiterated in a recent post yesterday.


“Effectively 0%”? What do you mean? This topic goes back to 2020. I experienced it multiple times before 2023 and before tvOS 16.