Metadata cache keeps clearing!

Huh. I would think 20% should be more than enough (I had low single digit %). Unless something is dynamically taking up a ton of space and then freeing it, it may be a different issue causing the same problem.

You fail to understand the fact that Firecore made a fundamental design mistake by using TEMPORARY system storage space as a home to their PERMANENT cache for the database. This is not Apples fault, as they tell developers not to use the storage space on the Apple TV for permanent storage.


Possibly another related issue: when Infuse is restoring purged metadata, it seems to show recent items before they have all the info populated, e.g. watching progress.

Say, I’m watching a movie, switch to something else, and when I get back the metadata is gone. Infuse starts restoring metadata from iCloud, and when the movie finally appears in the Recents section, I press play — but the movie starts playing from the beginning, not from where I left off.

So, either Infuse fails to save the progress, or it lets you play the media before all user metadata is available. I suspect it’s the latter, because Infuse never failed to save progress in any other scenario for me.

I never failed to understand this because NO OTHER app has this issue on Apple TV so it is obviously a design flaw by the developer. It is not like every time you open Netflix / Disney+ or any other app that it says rebuilding the meta data.

So obviously this has always been a poor methodology choice by the developer. And if they are looking for the solution in iOS 17 then they haven’t fixed the fundamental problem themselves.

The developer needs to write the metadata to a private memory space like every other app on Apple TV.


It is NOT an Apple TV bug… It is only ONE app that has this issue.
It is a Firecore problem.


They can’t write to a permanent storage space because the database file is simply too large. Apple only allows a very small space to be used as permanent storage. You are correct regarding that no other app does this, and that is because it is in the Apple developer guidelines for tvOS.

In which case storing the database on our file servers is the best way then, leaving it to us to ensure we have enough space for it.

I guess a change could be made so as users we can select a path where we would like to save the database or leave it to store on the ATV.

Thing would need to be considered such as are databases saved per share, I mean in my case I have 10 drives shared via FTP, would my database be one giant database stored in one location or would I have 10, 1 per drive stored on the root of each drive.

Ive not dipped in here for a while as the fix for me was to ensure I wasnt using screensavers, and believe me the issue was sometimes happening twice a week and was doing my head in, sitting down for movie night only to go away for 10 minutes at least whilst everything populates again. It happened on all 3 of my ATVs, two are 1st gen 4K 32GB and one is 3rd Gen 128GB…they all do it. I liked the screensavers so initially I had them ramped up to 10, IE every single scene and downloaded as often as possible…since switching all that off the clearing has never happened again.

My library is like 3000 plus titles and all on my local NAS, I wonder if people have much larger libraries the screensaver fix wouldnt work.

This has been demanded for years now. FireCore simply won’t do it.

You can have three options. Local and run risks of rebuilding, iCloud (if you have space) or fire core servers.

Can you not use a USB drive as well?

USB drive on an Apple TV?

All the best,


Sorry, that was embarrassing!
I haven’t looked at the ATV for years, I just assumed it hade a USB port, as “everything” has it…
So no local storage then…

But I assume you could make use of other cloud storages if you don’t want to consume iCloud space.

It is a bug if tvOS is wiping out 1GB of metadata when there is still 20GB free on your device.

Every other media app is server led, on-demand, so no, you wouldn’t see this issue.

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Please stop posting nonsense. Comprehension is king.

This is a waste of time. As noted earlier, managed storage is a major design feature of tvOS. Since it’s first release, developers were told that apps must not rely on local storage and that the OS can delete data and apps at any time.

I believe it was “20% free”. For a 64GB ATV, that’s about 12GB. I wonder how much space the metadata was using. I would agree that deleting the metadata is undesirable with that much free space but it’s not a bug.

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Regardless if you think this is caused by a bug or not, if Apple receives enough complaints about a certain OS action it’s always possible they may consider changes to accommodate the users.

It costs nothing but time to file a report that may help.

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Yes, with enough user feedback, anything is possible. That’s why I’m writing here!

Apple certainly could consider a change but reporting it as a bug is bad advice. It’s not a bug. It’s a core feature of the OS and feedback should reflect that. If you frame it as a feature request, that seems more likely to be considered.

However, I think it would be a lot more impactful for developers to complain about it. This feature affects how they build their apps and their apps are what sell the system.

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I really have no idea of how Apple takes complaints either as a perceived bug or as a feature request. Maybe use both methods to Apple. One can only hope that they look at the cause and effect of the issue and consider a remedy. My statement was just to say that the more avenues we take the more chances we have that one will have an affect.

Heck I’d even settle for Apple just giving us the opportunity to allow or decline the memory clearing before it’s done. To me not giving the user the choice in deleting data that they need is a bug on Apples side but that’s just my thoughts on it.

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I admire you for your boundless optimism. :slight_smile:

Apple is a three trillion US dollar corporation serving over a billion active consumers worldwide, generating some four billion US dollars of revenue annually. Infuse users account for what percentage of that user base and income, exactly?

Apple won’t care.

Besides … Infuse’s whole reason for existing is to make it easier for Apple device users to view content on their Apple devices which they source themselves. Apple’s primary reason for existing in this space is to generate income thru the sale of subscriptions to its AppleTV+ streaming service and media purchases and rentals thru iTunes, and thru the high commissions earned from its users purchase of monthly subscriptions to its competitors’ streaming services through Apple’s AppStore.

Apple can’t even benefit from Infuse users’ use of their Apple devices via monetization of their collective viewing habits and content type preferences because Infuse does not share such data with Apple.

If Infuse’s user base was significant enough for Apple to pay attention to, Apple would likely work instead to make sure Infuse failed to be useful to anyone at all. It’s likely for the best that Apple continues not to care a whiff about Firecore.

I certainly don’t expect Apple to institute any tvOS policy changes specifically designed to make things easier for users of apps like Infuse (of which there aren’t really any others that I’ve so far discovered) — there’s absolutely nothing in it for them to make the effort worth pursuing.

But hey, knock yourselves out.


And yet you spend more time promoting your boundless pessimism when the same effort could have gone to simply make a request from Apple that costs nothing but the time.

Optimism at least cuts down on the antacids. :wink:

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