Metadata cache keeps clearing!

Firecore have said that its too hard for them to fix, so they won’t. So unless they have a change of heart and fix their design flaw, this is going to be a “feature” rather than a bug.

I hope tvOS 17 brings this to a head and makes Infuse unusable. THEN it will get fixed. But we probably won’t get that lucky, as we would have heard something from a beta tester by now.

great, just wonderful. we keep on paying for their design flaw they dont want to bother fixing. Remind me again why paying them is worth it?

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There are a few of us considering what we do, holding out for a magic fix, as some have argued that Apple could potentially fix this issue, so some are holding out for the new tvOS release to see if that fixes it.

I sincerely doubt that Apple would do that, unless it is a bug they have made and want to address. In my long-term Apple experience, if you try the first beta of a major new OS release, and it’s not fixed, then it never will be.

As far as I know, no other app uses temporary storage space AS permanent storage for the app to function, which is why no other apps are affected. This is in the Apple developer guidelines, which is why I call this bug a design flaw in Infuse.

so we are going to keep paying a sub fee for a media player that cant save metadata properly and constantly at risk of crashing and hanging?

Until this problem affects every user, Infuse won’t get fixed. But I am not an expert on what the alternatives are. I hear Plex, but I used it years ago and didn’t rate it for media playback. Maybe it’s got better, but Plex has always had a glacial development pace, and I believe some of the latest features are behind a paywall.

yeah but at least plex incremental updates came more regularly and priority problems got fixed. plex charges 100 or so lifetime pass as does infuse for lifetime pass. Infuse should at least try to match plex if charging as much. Infuse whenever confronted with issues always hides behind their small team defense to deflect valid criticism

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I think it isn’t totally fair to drop Infuse at all but it certainly is a thing I would want to have fixed.

Infuse just works really well with Dolby Vision and plays everything I trow at it with ease

But opening the app and all my stuff is gone simply shouldn’t be a thing

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this should be a priority fix though and not something to give up on easily. Whats the point of having a media manager and player that crashes and hangs when retreiving info??


This post from a little while back has more info on some of the things we are working on to help those experiencing issues here.

we all here paying for a product the developer clearly doesnt want to fix properly and develop as every issue is too hard and has zero incentive it seems to fix whats broke. Every problem too difficult and every feature requested put on a perpetual to do list

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This suddenly started happening to us about two weeks ago, and seems to be increasing in frequency.

Very irritating.


In case you want to catch up

Agreed. They never fix anything major or anything breaking the app. No sense of urgency whatsoever. What exactly are we paying for here? Everything with them is later later or whatever it can’t be fixed. Take some of that money from subs and hire some more programmers that can maybe get things done as everything seems impossible aside from minor fixes or additions.

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Sorry James, this is simply not good enough, and you know it! The iCloud backup/restore doesn’t help if your sat in your living room with your kids wanting to watch a movie and Infuse has reset itself and is empty. When you have a decent sized library, it is a long time before it has scanned enough of your files to start offering titles to watch, let alone whatever specific movie your family wanted to watch.

If you can get Infuse to a state where it can restore its own backup from iCloud in a minute maybe two max then I can accept that this would be a solution. But CAN you deliver that experience? Truthfully?


Absolutely signed!

I have two Apple TVs and both (without screensaver Updates and no other Apps on it) are clearing cache every second day…

It get on my nervs so hard…

And this problem has not existed for long.

You have to do something! Your product, we pay for it and there has to be a better solution.


agreed. who wants to pay for a media player that resets metadata randomly and not stable


@james i think, before putting more and more features into new versions, you should first solve this problem and others
, that are discussed in this forum as well.

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agreed. problem being is they always take their time and theres never any sense of urgency and their attitude is either procrastinate or give up. This problem with metadata being lost has been for awhile now and not new

This isn’t a timely solution, but I really hope it will solve the issue. Currently I’ve all my movies on the NAS accurately labeled with tinyMediaManager and would be happy if I could refer back to it.

I don’t see, why I should use external stuff like Emby or so.
I changed anyway, but I would prefer to use infuse as it is, without making it more complicated and time consuming.
Infuse worked very good years ago. The problems were rising around the time, when infuse was brought to Mac OS. Not that I think, this wouldn’t be ok. But it seems to me, that they are having capacity problems in Human Resources.